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Whats happening to the nursing profession?

kahoro kahoro (Member)

whats happening to the nursing profession? post #1

as most of you know i'm newly qualified and already i'm thinking about leaving the hospital setting and going into community. as a qualified staff nurse it is a big eye opener to what we nurses have to put up with. the other day my ward was completely full (23 bedded ward) and there was myself and one senior member of staff and a hca. doctors were asking us to do things, phones ringing, patients requiring tests in other departments etc......

why didn't we get agency you may ask. well the ward can not afford this. there was no other paed nurse available to help. with the winter season very close i am dreading it. how are we suppose to carry out good patient care? the government need to do something .

the thing is i love my job but the conditions are so bad at times. i'm sorry to say i am seriosly thinking about going back to uni and doing my degree in health visiting. do any other nurses experience this? uk nurse wrote this


this is happening all over the world i wish florence ninightgale rose up today!

i think the worst hit place is here in kenya the gov has no funds to continue employing nurses, now we are out of colleges and no work on the other hand there is a big shortage of nurses in gov hosp . nursing schools here are working like conveyer belt teaching us then dumping us . the private hospitals have realised that there is flooding so when you apply for a job pay is peanuts you complain you're told to zip your mouth or quit the job the're other nurses out there waiting to be employed .

to me i feel if it will be possible i may get fund i would switch to public health and become community based i feel life is a bit better there.

in life there is no lift to success you have to take the stairs thus i will have to get a job overseas to be able to pay for my education .

all in all im proud to be nurse.:D


he who conquers himself has won a greater victory than he who conquers a city.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Good for you Kahoro and I hope that things improve for you soon. Is there anywhere else in Africa that you can get a job or are you only registered for Kenya? I know so little of the health care set up over there.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Sounds like a very bad situation. Best wishes. Remember in many ways you are making a difference.

bellehill, RN

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I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I don't. I sit here and feel sorry for myself when I have 7 patients to care for...it could be so much worse. We forget how bad healthcare is in other countries. Good luck to you!

I KNOW ONE DAY I WILL BE OUT OF ALL THIS THANK YOU 3rdshiftguy , bellehill gwenith ,

im only registered with nursing council of kenya since i qualified the other day i will not bend at all since a man can't ride your back unless it's bent!! i will hang on to it since even a long journey starts with one step i feel i've stepped already now it's to keep on going !:idea:


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From what I read lately, South Africa is looking for RNs. You might explore that possibility.

gwenith, BSN, RN

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Kahoro I love your wisdom!! You are right a man cannot ride your back unless it is bent good for you!!!


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Wow== very moving and enlightening. the plight of nurses worldwide is something oftentimes not considered except by those doing the work, wiping sweat from their brows. Thank you for this post and for your perspective.

i guess this is a bit beign pessimistic , im not critisizing im critiking (sp) rules are there to be bent!


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