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Very excited to start my new job as a home healthcare nurse. Just wondering what the usual attire is? Scrubs? Business Casual? Shoes? Tips? Thanks to any help out there!

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very excited to start my new job as a home healthcare nurse. just wondering what the usual attire is? scrubs? business casual? shoes? tips? thanks to any help out there!

i work private duty 8 to 12 hour shifts and i wear jeans and a t-shirt with a nursing scrub jacket over the top 99% of the time. i do have some total scrub outfits i wear occasionally but i am most comfy in my jeans and t's with the scrub jacket over the top.

I wear scrubs to my extended care cases. We are not allowed to wear jeans. For intermittent visits many nurses wear casual business with a lab coat. You should always wear sturdy shoes with closed toes. Think comfort and safety. High heels would be very awkward if you have to get down on knee level to, say, do a dressing change.

Never wear jeans anytime that you are functioning as a nurse! Wear nice fitting scrubs that match or business casual clothes that can be washed. You always want to look professional but appropriate.

I think it depends on the company you work for. One place I was at all the nurses wore scrubs (choice was scrubs or business casual, as it was a lot of wound cares, 99% choose scrubs). The place I'm at now, casual/jeans are the norm

Scrub-a-dub-dubs here. There's not really too much of a dress code (no jeans no shorts, no tanks), but I am lazy about fashion and scrubs are easy.

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In the field, neat, clean, non-wrinkled, plain color scrubs with lab coat if it's chilly. In the office, professional business-casual attire. If I have to go out to the hospital or doctor's office, a white lab coat over my office wear with name tag.

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I just started in home health. The dress code calls for street clothes (no blue jeans, shorts, or open-toed shoes) or scrubs. I wear street clothes.

Scrubs and tennis shoes. The agency I work for requires you to wear scrubs or dress clothes with a lab coat.

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