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What do you want to specialize in? And why?


Hello everyone,

I'm not sure what I want to specialize in when I'm done with nursing school. So I would like to hear some of your decisions as well as why you're choosing to specialize in that particular field.

I currently work in dual geriatrics /mental health, and I would like to do that if I can get into nursing school next year.

First I had my mind set on being an OR nurse before I even finished my CNA class. I haven't had any experience as a tech in the OR so that idea is still up in the air. I've floated to many other units, tele, hemo/oncology, psych, gen medsurg, icu/imc, and I admire the work the nurses do in those units. I work as a tech in a Peds hospital and have taken a liking to it. My favorite pts are the neonates so far. Maybe being a NICU nurse in the future may be an idea but I'm still not sure since I'm only working as a tech right now. Hopefully when I get into a nursing program I'll have a better idea of where I would like to work in the future. So far NICU is in the running for me.

direw0lf, BSN

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I seem to like want to do almost everything!

My top 5:

1. Pediatrics - because I'm most comfortable with kids, and always wanted to work at a ped cancer hospital.

2. ER/trauma - I like the fast pace.

3. Epidemiology - I love statistics, factoring in the environment, and hopefully preventing disease and accidents.

4. Forensic nurse - Definitely.

5. School nurse - same reason as pediatrics and come on..the hours...

and 1 more: Psych nursing. I always wanted to work in an eating disorder clinic for children in particular.

As of now, I know that I don't want to work in LTC facilities, and that's about it.


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Hello all! I think it's a pretty common pitfall to go into nursing school with your mind set on a certain specialty, so much so that you might want to stress about it. I'd recommend you not worry about it. At all. Not even a little bit. Go into nursing with an open heart and open mind, and it will surprise you.

I was set on wanting to be an ICU nurse all the way until my critical care class, where I had clinicals in the ICU and ER. Wound up haaaaaaaaaaaaating the ICU. My next top pick was mental health. I worked in mental health for a year and hated nearly every second of it. Work in a procedural area as a circulator now. Never though I would like it. Thought it would be boring. Not only is it not boring, but I love it. It's great for me, because I learn new things about disease processes and anatomy and physiology every day, and I work a lot more closely with physicians than any other specialty. I didn't have it figured out until a couple of years after school. And none of my nursing school friends work in the areas of their initial interest either.

The good thing about nursing is that we are lifelong learners, and I mean that beyond our CEU requirements for license renewals. I've yet to meet a nurse in my career who has stayed in one unit his/her entire life. Well, except a couple of ER nurses, but they're special creatures.

Good luck with school. :)

direw0lf, BSN

Has 3 years experience.

Excellent points, Awesomeocity! I just finished up an assignment for nursing class where we had to pick a specialty and do a presentation about it. I loved learning about the specialties. This is one of the reasons (among many) I chose nursing - the diversity within the field. I think it's important to focus on a goal, but not stress out about it. I always thought I'd like an adult oncology floor, but when I shadowed there, I thought it was too slow paced for me, but we'll see where the future takes me!

I'm kind of skeptical about Pediatrics only because a sick child would break my heart!í ½í¸¢ I was leaning a lot towards ER/Trauma because I would love the fast pace atmosphere! And forensics sound pretty cool!

I want to specialize in pediatrics and women's health areas.

my goal is to become a CNM, so exposure to related areas would be a great help.

My end goal is CRNA, so trauma/er/ICU are my biggies. I was an emt so the trauma is my forte!