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G019 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ortho.

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  1. Wow I remember this thread from a while back. It’s beneficial to just focus on yourself. Do whatever you need to succeed through your nursing program so that you can graduate, take your boards, and then move on with your life. Nursing school curricul...
  2. G019

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    The school is what you make of it. The best advice I could give anyone planning to attend WCU Dallas is to have a solid support system outside of the classroom. If you work, consider making adjustments fast because the class scheduling isn't designe...
  3. G019

    West Coast University DALLAS 2018 NEED INFO

    At the end of the day a BSN from a CCNE institution is a BSN from a CCNE institution. I know a number of WCU grads that work in the peds hospital I work at. I was hired by a WCU grad. A schools name doesn't carry as much weight as your actual RN expe...
  4. G019

    Quitting nursing school?

    It's a stable career. I knew a nurse who used her earnings to support her passion of owning her own business not related to healthcare. Once she earned enough in her business to support her family, she left her job. If her business was to ever go bel...
  5. You may never have to see that woman again. At least for two years. It's irritating I know. You'll encounter people questioning your intelligence ALL the time. Stay gracious. Let your good work speak for itself.
  6. The NCLEX is a practically a bank of 5k test questions. I'm sure it would be quite difficult to remember them all. As one poster said just focus on yourself. As long as it doesn't affect your grades directly just focus on being successful. Good luck!
  7. G019

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    Exactly because they talk amongst themselves lol. Wouldn't want to be a target.
  8. G019

    I'm having doubts about nursing... :(

    I can understand that your first day of clinicals may have not been what you would have expected. It is also okay to vent your frustration on a public forum. Try not to take feedback you received here to heart. Consider it constructive advice. im su...
  9. G019

    Refusing to change/toilet pts

    Ultimately I think it's where you work. I've had some nurses although they were kind, run me ragged. I have a hard time saying no. Unfortunately I was use to not having a lunch/bathroom break despite time being deducted from my pay. I gave 100% every...
  10. G019

    Are For Profit Schools really BAD?

    Do what you need to do to get your RN license. It's important that the school you choose is regionally/nationality accredited and in good standing with your state nursing board. In my area there were a few public schools who've had to shut down their...
  11. G019

    Is 61 too old to start Pre-Nursing?

    I remember watching a video of an OR nurse who was celebrating her 90th birthday. I believe she still practices to this day. That lady was moving around faster than her colleagues half her age!
  12. G019

    Why is A&P so hard?

    I agree with the poster above. Crash Course, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and Easy Notecards are all great resources. It will feel like a lot in the beginning but it's mostly memorization.
  13. If you don't have to work just focus on doing your best in your classes. Maybe closer to graduation you could consider applying for a healthcare position just to get your foot in the door. Best of luck!
  14. G019

    Nursing with a criminal record

    Talk to your school. They will know a definite answer for that. This will ensure that if in cases you cannot sit for the boards, you wouldn't have wasted time and money finishing your program.
  15. G019

    Is 61 too old to start Pre-Nursing?

    Like one poster said, if you feel physically capable of doing the work go for it. You've earned your CNA recently correct? Why not seek an opinion from your instructor or other nurses in your area. They can give you a better idea on the employment ou...