What is This Clip?!

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Hi everyone!

I just got a new set of scrub tops & they have this clip on the left chest pocket that I have no idea what it's for! My name badge clip cant go on it, it's too big for pens to fit in, it's a D shaped ring that I have no idea what it's used for & its driving me a little bit nuts!

So what IS this clip for?! :D

It's for pediatric nurses...you suspend babies from it for hands free diaper changing.

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I have a useless D-ring on my scrubs. Irritates the OCD side of me like you wouldn't believe. Yesterday I did something with it. Created this weird chain of scissors and stats. Nope! My theory is this: The companies add some of that crap to make it look tactile but don't even know why the hell they are putting it there either. Who agrees? Also, have seen a nurse hang a mini-mag light off of a clip lower down with a small carabeener. Great idea considering I had a dim light in a pt's bathroom the other day and had to go spelunking for a foreign object in their poop with my cell phone light. Would rather have not, thank you very much!! They last longer than those pen lights too. Oh the joys!!!

May for an old school style watch you pin to your chest and lift up to take pulse, resp. etc

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