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  1. New Onset Afib

    Never forget- Patient advocate is part of our job. Period. No RN should fault a fellow for doing their job. When I keep that in mind the rest of the drama like "this charge is trying to have me kill someone" falls away.
  2. ICU Nursing

    I Like what a previous poster said. Unions are the answer. I don't know where you're located but if your hospital is union, start there. If not, stick it out and try to move to one that is. Please don't let one disaster of a manager ruin your outlook...
  3. Virtual/Hallway patient

    I think the difference is that whatever unit we are talking about, the RN doesn't work out of their ratio? Am I understanding that correctly? In the ED you may have a hallway pt but you're still w/i ratio, right? The overflow stays in the waiting roo...
  4. Tugging at my heartstrings

    A couple of days ago I came back across this reply. I had almost forgot I’d written about this experience. Well guess what? The pt showed back up ... dead. Idk if it’s because I had just read this again or whatever but I was fortunate enough to have ...
  5. Will it look bad if I...

    Thanks for replying. I'm definitely cool with not knowing it all. In fact, I love the team sport aspect of nursing and to me, it's amplified in the ED.
  6. Will it look bad if I...

    6 months. ? Hence, my doubt. I suppose I was beginning to justify it by, "well it takes at least 3 months for the hiring process and another x amount of months for y." ....Maybe I should just let you reply.
  7. Tugging at my heartstrings

    Thank you! You are absolutely right! I will remember that for next time.
  8. Will it look bad if I...

    Hello, AN community, Almost as soon as I started working in hospitals I knew I wanted to be in the ED. Now that I'm a working RN (in acute care) I'm wondering if it's too early to start applying to my local EDs. The requirements are 1 yr of experienc...
  9. Curiosity Killed the Cat and Got 50 Hospital Employees Fired

    As a new grad, I'm grateful for crusty old bats and battle axes (terms of endearment) such as yourselves. Please keep your eagle eyes and ears on me and my pts. With gratitude, Baby Chickens
  10. TX new grad with stipulations

    A "license in good standing"... Doesn't that just mean it can't be revoked or in jeopardy of being revoked? Or perhaps not having any reports on an existing license?? From what I can infer, you don't have a license in bad standing because you don't h...
  11. New Nurse In a Step Down Unit and I hate it

    I feel like I can hear my mentors (in my head) saying "well some of them will just have to wait" or "are they symptomatic?" re: the pain meds and HRs respectively. Btw, I've done my share of freaking out over the same stuff. I've been told that comes...
  12. Tugging at my heartstrings

    Hi AN community. "This RN" (haha: throwback from recent post) has noticed a recent uptick in ETOH withdrawal pts and hospitalizations r/t heroin. One, in particular, is really tugging at my heartstrings. To be clear, I am very good at compartmentaliz...
  13. Scripps New Grad Residency June/August 2019

    Being a local, I'd recommend branching out to other counties. Have you networked? What I can tell you is there are so few actual job openings each cycle that they usually end up going to internal applicants. Just keep trying though. Good luck!
  14. Wow! My experience was in the ED. No special room down there!! Love your statement on politicians getting real healthcare Tx. Please let me get one because I'm pretty my hospital doesn't have mini-fridges anywhere. lol!!
  15. Hospital. Board. Member. AKA: battle axe, -reminds everyone she used to run the joint, taught half the staff back in tha day I'm sorry, but I'm giving that lady some damned R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Now if I have a pt crashing next door and she wants ice chip...