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  1. princesspunch

    Care plan Risk for CVA?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a care plan for a patient with a hx of HTN, irregular heart rate & rhythm (A Fib). My instructor says that I can do risk for CVA/Stroke r/t irregular heart rate and rhythm, evidenced by a fib & allergies to ASA & only has Xarelto on board. Help meeeeee. I'm so stuck because I cant find anything in the NANDA book!
  2. princesspunch

    What is This Clip?!

    Hi everyone! I just got a new set of scrub tops & they have this clip on the left chest pocket that I have no idea what it's for! My name badge clip cant go on it, it's too big for pens to fit in, it's a D shaped ring that I have no idea what it's used for & its driving me a little bit nuts! So what IS this clip for?!
  3. princesspunch

    RN to BSN Military!

    Hi everyone, I'm aiming to do a RN to BSN & then join the Air Force as a nurse. I start my AS nursing in 9 days & plan on getting my BSN online for time & financial sake. If any of you are prior/current/future military nurses or know someone who is I'd be happy to hear from you. I've been researching on the process of what you need to do to apply & it seems really daunting & impossible! I'm going to get more serious with it as I get closer to my BSN graduation, but I know this is what I want to do. Where did you get your BSN? Cost/time? How was your application process? Time frame/interviews/testing/application forms/advantages or disadvantages? Thank you for reading & if I have more questions I'll try to edit & reply to comments as time goes on!
  4. princesspunch

    RN to Masters/APRN

    Hi everyone, I'm starting my AS Nursing in 12 days! It's a 2 yr program for my RN. I plan on going for my Master's degree afterwards. What's the best route as far as online learning goes? I'm trying to save as much money & time as possible while getting my education because I have dreams of joining the military while/after I finish. What's a good online college that you've attended for a Master & what's the requirements? I live in HI & don't know for sure what my options would be here, but I'd might be willing to travel for a couple years if need be & planned appropriately. Thank you for all the help and info!
  5. princesspunch

    FREE apps for studying?

    Hi all, I'm starting nursing school in August. I was wondering if any of yall had free apps (or cheap ones) that really helped you through school and studying. I want to be prepared and I do better with game-like studying and flash card type stuff than reading hours through. I'm prepared to read as well, I just want additional things that'll really help me learn. Thanks everyone!
  6. princesspunch

    Have a phone interview next week with Fresenius!

    Hi guys! I had a phone interview this morning and she said she loved what she heard and will let the local clinic manager know. Do you think I'll have to do a second interview, or how does the hiring process go? Is one enough? I'm getting nervous all over again!! 😖
  7. princesspunch

    Nursing school Loans?

    Hi everyone, So sorry, I was totally doing my math wrong and thinking about 4 years instead of 2! I'd only need about 58k... I did apply for FAFSA and any scholarships I could find from my school's online portal. Other than that, I'm not sure what to look for. Also, I'm logged into my FAFSA, how can I view how much I would be getting?
  8. princesspunch

    Nursing school Loans?

    Hi all, I'm starting nursing school in August, and I dont expect to be able to work except on breaks and Summer vacation. I was wondering how much to expect to take out in loans, and how to calculate the amount. My monthly expenses are about $2,000, and the program costs about $10,000. If I did my monthly*program costs, it leaves me with a little over $100,000 debt by the end of the program. Did any of you experience this or have any other means of supporting yourselves while in school? I'm also the sole income for our household (my mom, daughter, and myself). How did you calculate how much you'd need and/or get from the loans, how did you manage to pay them off or avoid them? Any advice is very appreciated, I am terrified of debt since I currently dont have any and always pay my bills early!
  9. princesspunch

    Patient Fell and Got up?

    I think the nurse I reported to did that since at our facility CNAs aren't allowed to document those. I just reported to her of my findings and she took pictures of the injuries and did all of her wound measurements. Since then the bruising has spread through the the hip area.
  10. princesspunch

    Patient Fell and Got up?

    I work in LTC as a CNA, an ambulatory resident with some dementia (or other means of forgetfullness) self toilets and was recently moved to a different room across the hall. It appears she's been increasingly dizzy and confused of her new surroundings and we've (myself and my nurse) discovered the BIGGEST bruise on her bottom a few days ago and that's now spread throughout her entire hip region. Nobody from previous shift had reported off to me about the bruise or any other shift before them. Nobody knows where it came from or what happened to her and the resident can't remember and denies any pain. We have assumed that she fell and just got up since nobody knows what happened. She's scheduled for x-ray sometime soon but we are worried that she's broken her hip. Will us aides be in trouble for this since nobody knows what Happened to her?

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