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What are you doing this summer to keep your skills up?

allthingsbright specializes in LDRP.

We have 3 mos between junior and senior semester, and I am worried about losing the stuff I just learned--I graduate in DEC and already feel like I know nada.:idea: :uhoh3: I am planning on going up to the skills lab and practicing a couple times, and answering NCLEX questions all summer. I am taking a class towards my BSN and have my kids so I will be pretty busy. What are you guy's plans?

Im working on a postpartum floor so I will use a few skills. I plan on relaxing otherwise to be honest. The last semester is a BEAR at my school and I want to be refreshed for it.

NCLEX books and starting the reading for my 4th semester. I figure I have the summer to get ahead.

Well, I told myself that I would take until June 1st off (and do NOTHING r/t nursing) as a break to me . This semester killed me :banghead: . Our Nursing IV Instructor gave us a bunch of readings for the summer to prep for Fall. our lab isnt back open until August 13th, at which point I hope to get in there every day before Fall Semester. I do not work in a healthcare setting, I work in an office, so I won't get any additional practice, but I will review NCLEX ?'s and review procedures on paper anyways. I wish lab was open in the summer, bc when it does open for the 2 weeks before September, it is a mad house and you have to wait your turn. UUGGHH!:smackingf If anyone has any other suggestions about maintaining your skills (IVs, PICC dsg chgs, NG tubes, Foley) please post!

Enjoy the summer soon-to-be future nurses.....:biere:

I am working in the ED as a tech. I start orientation and training next week. I will do vitals, EKGs, phlebotomy, glucose testing, etc. I am psyched, because feel that although clinical in school was great, I really need lots more technical hands-on experience. My plan is to keep the position throughout my senior year. The Nurse Manager in the ED says that she usually will take on 2 new grads a year into the New Grad training program. I hope to increase my odds of landing one of these positions upon graduation.

Happy summer break to all-nurses students!

Achoo! specializes in Urgent Care.

I'll be working at an urgent care clinic, taking an online course, and refreshing up on math!

sumthnspecial specializes in L/D.

I got into the internship program at my school. I don't have any medical experience so I hope this helps me.


Keeping up with the skills and knowledge that I have learned is a big concern for me as well. I too just finished up my 3rd semester and will be graduating in Dec. Our school is known to weed students out during the 4th semester. Currently I am enjoying my summer off. I have applied for a tech position on a med-surg/oncology floor. I am hoping that this will give me some experience while I am out of school. I do plan to start studying for the NCLEX this summer. I am going to use Kaplan and Saunders. I am also going to look over some of the chapters that we will be going over in the fall. Other than that I plan to kick back and enjoy the summer with my kids.

NRSNFL specializes in Ortho/Neurosurgical.

Um, I'm a tech working off my indentured servitude at the hospital that is paying for my education and paying my salary while in school. I've used almost all my skills and even learned some additional ones I'm sure I'll be checked off on next semester.

I promised myself I would do at least 75 NCLEX questions a day. I already have the reading assignments for our first six weeks next semester so I'll start working on that and maybe go over some A&P.

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