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What should I get before school that is not required by the school, but may help me along the way.


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I have found the Incredibly Easy books and Cds to be worth the time to read. But find the books on the net for a cheaper price. The books are easy to understand and will explain any rational behind test questions.

Good luck.


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When I first started my nursing classes, some of the terminology was almost foreign to me- especially with the physical assessment class. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary really helped. It's comes in really handy for pretty much all of my classes as well. The ISBN is 0803606540.

Another thing that has helped me is to not give up or get discouraged.


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what should i get before school that is not required by the school, but may help me along the way.

well, instead of buying a bunch of materials that you don't need, i would wait until your classes start. usually there are required books and non-required books for the class, you can talk to your instructions about there long term and/or short term value then make the decision on your own if you need it.

i do recommend a very good organizer! :)

good luck in all that you do!

~crystal :rolleyes:


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a VERY big calendar to keep track of where you need to be each day. and a stethescope that you can actually hear with.

oh, and catch up on sleep now...if your school is anything like mine, you wont get much. :rolleyes:

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But you might wanna go to sam's and buy a bulk pack of pens and highlighters... Paper too.... If your class allows it a voice recorder is a good investment


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Here is what I got/learned...

lots of computer paper, pens, other supplies you can stock up on

probably get a littmann steth, but make sure there aren't other requirements

little notepad that won't fall apart

anti bacterial stuff to keep in your bag (there is usually lots on the floor too)

somewhere too keep all of the papers you will get (i use a clipboard that opens from walmart)

put alcohol pads in your pockets as soon as clinical starts

don't bother buying reflex hammer or tuning fork even if recommended...

Review basic anatomy where is the duodenum, femoral veins, carotid pulse, etc. Learn distal, medial, lateral, etc...

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a bottle of whiskey!!!!

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No really, a very good back pack. Maybe one with wheels. My husband and I both go to school and have a large dry erase board for math problems and such. We also have a large wall calendar to put test dates , homework due dates and appointments. Also a good clipable book light for all that late studying you will be doing.....Good Luck

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OH I know THREE important things to add to the LIST.

1. SHOE CLEANER/SCRUB sold at.... Wal-mart shoe dept. Resemble shoe polish bottle

2. WHITE SHOE POLISH also sold at ^^^^^^^^^^^^



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A really good vacation...You won't get another one until school's over.;)

A really, really good house cleaning...You probably won't have time for much more than clean clothes, clean dishes and clean sheets until school's over:lol2:

I second the antibacterial hand gel...the little bottles are especially useful to have in your pockets during psych clinicals. Ours were at a state facility and they don't keep that stuff on the walls like at the hospitals and you REALLY don't want to think about where the patient's hands have been.


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With all the handwashing you're gonna be doing during clinicals, some moisturizing hand lotion that fits in your pocket will save your hands.

Post-it notes page markers are also convenient. My books are always full of them.

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