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What to do after school nursing?

Nurse Beth   (194 Views | 2 Replies)
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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have been a School Nurse for 7 Years. I want to make a change. Which nursing is close to school nursing. I dread starting off at hospital from floor nurse. I have started FNP program not sure if i should continue with that...

Dear Not Sure,

What to do after school nursing without acute care experience...I hope some of our school nurses weigh in because I'm sure they'd have some good advice for you.

Also- consider posting in the Specialties/School Nursing Forum, it is a very helpful group of nurses and an amazing forum here at allnurses.

I'd say FNP may be a great choice. It would have good hours, and your experience with kids would be helpful, especially if you plan to see children in your practice. Some non-hospital jobs require acute care experience, such as home health. Correctional nursing may not, but correctional nursing is not for everyone. 

Infusion nursing may be an option, or documentation specialist. For similar hours, there's doctor's office and clinics.

Start looking at Indeed.com to get an idea of what's out there and what interests you.

Best wishes 🙂


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Research the FNP market in your area carefully if you intend to stay where you are geographically. Many of the major markets are now oversaturated with FNP candidates and they are facing falling wages and difficulties finding a position.

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Have you looked into public health (state or county)?  Also, your State Dept of Education may have opportunities for a consultant or something similar.

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