What other routes can I take as an LVN?


I want to go back to school, but don't know for what. RN isn't really an option for me right now because it's way too expensive and sometimes I'm not even sure about nursing :sorry:. If I did decide on becoming an RN, I would want to do it with the least amount of debt. Some tell me to do coding, case management, informatics..

After working in a SNF for almost 2+ years and trying to stay away from bedside care, what are other routes I can take as an LVN? I enjoy paperwork, I worked as a charge nurse, desk nurse, and now recap nurse.


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Depends where you live and work.

In my province we can specialize in dialysis, orthopedics, the operating room, immunization clinics and the school health programme.


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I am currently living in LA County.

I've tried getting into some of the places you mentioned.. no luck. I feel the only way to get a job here is if you know someone. But thanks, I'll try to look into those job fields more.

Asides work wise, do you know how I can pursue my education other than RN?

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Have you considered drug rehab or mental health? That's what I do. I was hired straight out of LPN school.


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No I haven't. What's your typical day like at your job?

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What are you looking for education wise? The next step would be your RN either ASN or BSN

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To pursue education as an LPN would mean certifications. Anything else would require formal schooling and you said yourself, you don't have the money or time for that.

But most of the certs you can obtain are bedside care type certs some others might be more up ur alley....







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Oh forget it. Check it out here



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Thanks for all your help! And thanks for the link, I was looking for something like this.

But to be honest, I'm not sure what to do career wise. After being an LVN, sometimes I question if I should continue nursing. I just don't want my LVN to go to waste. I am curious what other healthcare jobs I can branch out, whether it may be certification or formal schooling.

Ideally I would like to get certified as an LVN, so that I can do something more than what I do now. At the same time, go to school for a career I hope for (i.e. Medical Coder, Nursing Informatics, Case Manager, Healthcare Administration/Management, etc).

Sorry for any confusion. I hope I make sense.


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I know a lot of LVNs who are MDS nurses in SNFs which could be an option if you have not already done that. Away from the bedside but still very much an important nursing job.