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What is the PVT?

bsntiger bsntiger (New) New

Hello all! I'm taking the NCLEX soon and I want to know as soon as possible the results. I've heard from a classmate of mine that there is a Pearson Vue Trick where it won't let you sign up again if you passed. Can anyone confirm or comment?

Thank you!

HopefulGradNurse, ADN, RN

Specializes in CVICU/ED.

From all of the reading/research I've done (which is a substantial amount lol) the PVT turns out to work most of the time. ie 95% or more. After you take the NCLEX, you go back to pearson vue and start a new registration for another test just as you did the first time. When you get to the payment screen you enter your debit/credit card information, but be sure to put in the wrong expiration date or cvc code. You then submit the payment and if you get the "good popup" which says something along the lines of "the candidate can't register for another test at this time due to recent registration" it means you passed. However, if it means says your card is declined it could mean that you failed or it could mean a number of things. So the basically if you get the good popup you passed (95% sure) if you get declined it means that you either didn't pass or that you may have passed. Confusing I know.

I have yet to come across anyone who says "I don't really care if I find out the results as soon as possible" lol! Of course you want to know, everyone does.

HopefulGradNurse pretty much spelled it out. The "something else" that he mentioned that can happen with a Card Declined message is because the card was 'tested' and found to be invalid because of the wrong expiration date or wrong CVC code. Sometimes a card is only tested for validity NOT because it's going to be charged but because that's what the system does. So if you get a Card Declined message when you're putting in the wrong info it could mean you failed and it could mean you are screwing with the card submission (because you are!). Most of the time getting that message means you failed, though.


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