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  1. Hello, I am looking to get my MSN in Nursing Education at a preferably 100% online university. Does anyone have any good feedback about the university they went to?
  2. New nurse here, Im looking into getting compression stocking/socks to wear while working. Do you have a favorite brand? Thanks!
  3. bsntiger

    NCLEX - any last minute advice?

    I took it today! It shut off at 75q (with 21 SATA!) and I couldn't believe it. (My first thought was "how could I have failed that quickly") I did the PVT with a good result so I'm just waiting for the quick results to make sure. Does anyone know when we can start working under the Florida BON? Is it after we can see that we passed or do we have to wait the six weeks for the official mail-in results?
  4. bsntiger

    Passed NCLEX-RN first try!

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story! I've been using Kaplan as well getting similar scores. I sit for my boards on Monday and got online looking for some encouragement to calm my last-minute doubting myself.
  5. bsntiger

    NCLEX in 3 days!!!

    I hope you did well! I sit for mine on Monday.
  6. bsntiger

    PVC'S and SVT leading up to NCLEX

    I'm in the same boat! Good luck! You are a superfly success machine. Just stay focused and take it one question and one breath at a time. :)
  7. bsntiger

    What is the PVT?

    Hello all! I'm taking the NCLEX soon and I want to know as soon as possible the results. I've heard from a classmate of mine that there is a Pearson Vue Trick where it won't let you sign up again if you passed. Can anyone confirm or comment? Thank you!
  8. bsntiger

    NCLEX - any last minute advice?

    Good luck! I take mine on Monday!
  9. bsntiger

    NCLEX - any last minute advice?

    I take the NCLEX in 2 days! Any last minute advice from survivors? Thank you!