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What do you do when your professor falls behind

I'm taking A&P2 and according to the syllabus we should be covering the urinary system. We are currently covering the heart and are four chapters behind in lecture. With only a month left in the semester I am very concerned that we will not cover the material necessary to enter nursing school.

Should I talk to the professor about my concerns or brace myself for a last minute cram over eight chapters!? Has anyone else been in my situation? Any advice will help and thank you.


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Ask your professor, its a simple question and something you need to know. I'm sure he/she won't mind you asking.

Do you know for sure if the material you haven't covered during lecture will be included on the exam? When I was in A&P the policy was that only material lectured on would be on exams. If there was extra information in the textbook, it was just for our benefits.

We fell behind during the semester, also. The teacher never ended up covering the GI system at all! :eek: I knew the information would be important during school AND my career, though, so I covered the information on my own after the class ended.

Sounds like you're concerned that the nursing school won't admit you if that material isn't covered, but they don't know what individual professors cover or don't cover, they only know that your transcript shows you completed the course.


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If the course doesn't cover it and you're worried that your knowledge base won't be sufficient for starting your nursing program, do a little independent study and get yourself where you want to be! :) Maybe your prof can even set you up with his/her notes/powerpoint slides/whatever he/she usually assigns over those chapters/maybe even quizzes or tests so you can self-evaluate your own knowledge - if you don't end up getting through all the material in the course of the term. Definitely bring this up with your prof, he or she will be able to help you.

my microbio class this semester was three weeks behind. we were supposed to have three lectures on metabolism and she just squeezed it all into one to catch herself up. i suggest you do what everyone else said and study on your own when you finish the class if you feel your knowledge is insufficient for ns :)


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We spent two days on the renal system in my Anatomy class...you learn what you need to know in physio

Thank you all very much for your advice. I'm going to talk to my professor during the next class period. My main concern is being prepared for nursing school. I am afraid that the material covered won't prepare me for what's to come. Unfortunately my classmates and I have already had to "self-teach" ourselves due to the lack of coverage during lecture. At the beginning of every chapter he gives us his expectations of what he wants us to know. To put it in other words, we have to know everything in the chapter including the info that isn't taught in the same class but with different professors. The class average is currently failing from the last exam. I have a C but I don't think it's good enough (I got an A in A&P1).

I think that he knows he's behind because during todays lecture we covered vessels in record time. Skipping over a lot of information he requires us to know. I wish that his exams are based on what he covers but the chapter handouts exempt him from making a fair test. He also takes attendance!! I feel like I'm in high school all over again and I've never had a professor that expects so much out of his students from so little guidance.

Now I'm venting lol. Thank you again and good luck to all of you!:)


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