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What is the passing grade for your state NCLEX-RN


I am in Florida and actually gave no thought until today that each state has different grades one must achieve on the NCLEX to receive licensing. The reason I found this out is we were told today that Florida USED to be, up until last week, a 70 or better and you pass. Our school set our standards equal to that for testing and being able to move on to each nursing class. That being said, as of last week and now this week at our school, Florida pass rate for the NCLEX-RN is a 76. Now our school has instituted that policy effective immediately. Mind you the school I go to is a private university and is 18 months and costs us nearly 50,000. There were SO MANY irate nursing students. I thought they were going to have a sit in or something today. Some got up and left class, some just started crying (added pressure on an ALREADY accelerated program), and some just cussed the world out.

Anyways, I was curious what your state has as a guideline for passing or not passing the NCLEX-RN.

Florida is now a 76.

What is your states?

If it's a national exam then why would it be different from state to state?


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I didnt think there was different percentages for each state. You do not have to take the NCLEX in the state you live in & will be getting licensed in so how would the computer know which scale to grade you on? Also if get licensed in another state you don't have to take the NCLEX over again and get a higher score.

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P ...... for pass, and that's all I'm shooting for.

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P ...... for pass, and that's all I'm shooting for.


That works for me!!

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I have no idea as we don't get scores, only pass/fail.

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