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here is my curriculum plan :)

fall semester i: eng 111/114composition i(3 hrs) bio 250 human anatomy w/lab(4 hrs) psy 110general psychology(3 hrs) nur 110 fundamentals of nursing i(6 hrs ) nur 115 intro to pharmacology (2 hrs)

spring semester ii: eng 112/115composition ii (3 hrs) bio 251 human physiology w/lab (4 hrs) psy 215 lifespan development (3 hrs) nur 120fundamentals of nursing i (4 hrs) nur 125 family nursing (4 hrs)

fall semester iii: bio 273 microbiology w/lab (4 hrs) soc 119 introduction to sociology (3 hrs) nur 230 nursing across the lifespan i (8 hrs) rel 213/214 old/new testament (3 hrs)

spring semester iv: nur 240 nursing across the lifespan ii (8 hrs) nur 245mental health nursing (3 hrs) nur 246 professional transition (2 hrs) elective choose (3 hrs )

total 70 hours

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We've had this thread before, but I'm game for it again. This is a BSN program, so we had to have completed all our non-nursing classes (comp, A&P, etc) before begining these...

Here goes:

Summer - Intro to Basic Nursing Skills, Informatics, Concepts Utilized in Professional Nursing

Fall (Junior) - Health Assessment Across the Lifespan, Pharmacology, Basic Life Support, Care of Individuals

Spring (Junior) - Care of Individuals and Families Experiencing Chronic Health Problems, Concepts of Care Concerning Women and Children/Developing Families, Leadership and Management for the Professional Nurse, Sociocultural Responsibility in a Global Society

Summer - Statistics

Fall (Senior) - Theory and Research I, Dimensions of Community Nursing I, Care of Individuals Experiencing Acute Health Alterations, Leadership and Management for the Professional Nurse

Spring (Senior) - Theory and Research II, Care of Individuals Experiencing Complex Health Alterations, NCLEX, Preceptorship

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Do you mean the recommended curriculum, or what I'm actually DOING?


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This is a night/weekend RN program>>>>>>>

1st year



English 1

Psych 1



A&P 2


Adv pych

2nd Year


Fundamentals of Nursing 1

Fundamentals of Nursing 2



Med-Surg Nursing 1

Psych/neuromuscular nursing




3RD Year


Nursing & women's health

Nursing of the childrearing family

nutrition & diet 2


Med-Surg nursing 2

Professional issues


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This is an ADN program at a CC...you have to have 3 prereqs done before starting the program...Bio103, Eng101, and Mth100...as well as have CPR certification.


Bio201-A&PI- 4hrs

Nur110-Funds of Nursing- 6hrs.

Nur131-Health Assessment- 1hr

Nur241-Basic Pharmacology- 1hr.

Psy200-Gen. Psych- 2hrs.




Nur269-Family Centered Nursing-6hrs.


Nur265-Advanced Nur I-6hrs.

Humanities Elective-3hrs.


Cis 146 or 147-Microcomputer applications I or II-3hrs.

Nur266-Advanced Nursing II-6hrs.

Sph106-Funds of Oral Comm.-3hrs.


Nur254-Critical Care Nursing-3hrs.

Nur267-Advanced Nursing III-6hrs.

Nur291-Transition to Nursing Practice-3hrs.

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adn program at local cc:

fall-semester 1

a & p i- 4 credits

foundations of nursing- 8 credits

gen. psych- 3 credits

comp 1- 3 credits

spring-sememster 2

a & p ii- 4 credits

comp 2- 3 credits

human growth & development - 3 credits

maternal & child nursing -8 credits

fall-semester 3

microbiology -4 credits

intro to sociology - 3 credits

nursing in mental & physical illness 1 - 10 credits

spring -semester 4

nurse directed elective - 3 credits

nursing in mental & physical illness 2 - 9 credits

registered nurse in contemporary society - 2 credits


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I did all my pre-reqs, my last one is Microbiology, which i am starting June 7th for summers semester. I copied and pasted the overall description of each semester for nursing. Hope you don't mind! LOL!

FALL 2004..........NURS1110 - Nursing I (8 Credits)

Nursing 1110 introduces the student to Nursing as a profession, specifically to the role of Associate Degree Nurse (A.D.N.) and nurses' role within the wider health care team. The profession is described in terms of Nursing Role Delineation -- Provider of Care, Manager of Care and Member of the Discipline. The concepts of Caring, Critical Thinking and Accountability are presented as critical components in each of these roles. Neuman Systems Model is used to assist the student to conceptualize the client/nurse interaction. Major emphasis is on the nurse's role in primary prevention for the well client/client system--the well individual throughout the life span. Major client group is the elderly individual. This course introduces nursing intervention to support client system adaptation and movement toward a higher level of wellness in the presence of recurring environmental stressors. Prereqs or concurrent courses: BIOL 2021 and ENGL 1101. (CR 8, 4 lect, 4 lab, 0 other)

SPRING 2005 ........NURS1112 - Nursing II (8 Credits)

NURS 1112 builds on materials introduced in NURS 1110. Neuman Systems. Model, nursing role delineation, caring, critical thinking, and accountability are used as the basis for the course. This course further develops the concepts of primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary prevention. Environmental stressors used to illustrate the basic concepts center around the variations in health states in a variety of ages with special emphasis on the elderly, the transition from wellness to illness, therapies to treat illness, and family system development during the childbearing years. Prereqs and/or concurrent courses: NURS 1110, BIOL 2022, ENGL: 1105, PHIL 1130. (CR 8, 4 lect, 4 lab)

FALL 2005.......... NURS2201 - * Nursing III (8 Credits)

Integrates primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary nursing interventions used to support adaptation and movement toward a higher level of wellness, or a dignified death, for client systems. Such client systems may experience all levels of wellness and a variety of environmental stressors, both physical and/or psychological. In addition, special emphasis is placed on advanced physical assessment techniques for the normal adult, nursing care of medical-surgical clients and IV therapy administration. Neuman Systems Model, Nursing Role Delineation, Caring, Critical Thinking and Accountability continue to be used as a basis for the nursing care of the client system. Prereq or concurrent: BIOL2040, PSYC1105. (8Cr - 4 lect, 4 lab)

SPRING 2006.......... NURS2202 - * Nursing IV (8 Credits)

Continues to integrate specific primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary nursing interventions used to support adaptation and movement toward a higher level of wellness or a dignified death for client systems. Such client systems may experience all levels of wellness and illness and a variety of environmental stressors, both physiological and/or psychosocial. In addition, special emphasis is placed on physical assessment techniques for the normal adult, nursing care of medical-surgical clients, and IV therapy administration. Synthesis of Neuman Systems Model, Nursing Role Delineation, Caring, Critical Thinking, and Accountability occurs as the student is exposed to leadership concepts and skills as well as planning, organizing and establishing priorities when providing nursing care for groups of client systems. Prereq or concurrent: PSYC1240 Humanities Elective (8Cr - 4 lect, 4 lab)

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The curriculum at my diploma program:

pre-reqs: chem & bio w/labs, and college algebra

Fall 1:

A & P I w/lab

Intro to Psych

Nursing Concepts I w/clinical

Spring 1:

A & P II w/lab

Microbiology w/lab

Nursing Concepts II w/clinical

Summer 1:

Med-Surg Nursing w/clinical


Fall 2:

Computer Applications

College Writing I

begin rotation through 8 weeks of each of the specialty areas: critical care, maternal-child, pediatrics & psych/MH nursing. Each is an entire semester course w/clinicals crammed into 8 weeks.

Spring 2:

College Writing II

continue rotation through specialties

Final 8 weeks:

Nursing Leadership/Trends w/clinical preceptorship

It's 22 months. The other 33-month option, which I chose, is to take A&P, micro, nutrition, psych, soc, and the computer class the first year and then continue w/the nursing courses. You end up w/about 66 credits to transfer to a BSN program if you wish.

Good luck to all!


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Rural Cultural3 (2lecture+1lab)

Health Assessment3 (2.5+.5)

Physiological Responses3

Shaping Health Care3


Chemical, Herbal,& Nutr.3 (this is pharmacology)

Caring Scholar I1

Vulnerable Populations 5 (3+2) (nursing home then psych)

Issues Based Care5 (3+2) (med surg)


Crisis Based Care (ICU & ER I think)

Man. & Leadership


Fall 2

Special Populations5 (3+2) (peds & OB)

Nursing Elective3

Challenge & Shape2 (0+2)

Research Methods3

Spring 2

Nursing/Health Elective 3

Community4 (2+2)

Caring Scholar II1

Practice Elective3 (0+3)

Senior Seminar3

This is a BSN program, the normal progression. I am part-time and I am spreading it out over 33 months.

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