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Hello all! I need some advice. I recently filled out some applications for RN jobs in my area. One of which was for a VA position in my area that I really want (and need). I turned my application in on Monday....here's my problem....I worked night shift last night so I put my phone on silent this morning so that I could get a few good hours of sleep without the phone ringing and waking me up. While I was sleeping I got two "Unknown" calls and whoever it was didn't leave a message. My question is, should I call the VA to see if it was them or will I just sound like an idiot or overly eager? I don't want to do anything that would cause me not to get this job, but I don't want to wait while they hire someone else. I just don't know what to do. Any input is appreciated. :confused:


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Google the numbers and see if they could be from the hospital. Usually larger hospitals will all have the same first couple of numbers. Were they both similar numbers? It also depends on how often you give your cell number out. If it's your primary number, then it could also be salespeople etc that you wouldn't have stored in your phone. I also think a couple of days might be a bit too soon for a callback on a job, but you never know.


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Oh how I wish the phone number would have come up...it just says "Unknown" with no number listed. My cell is my primary number.

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If it was important enough they would leave a message and a number for you to call them back. Call them in a week about the application to make sure they received it, etc.


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I dropped the application off in person. I wish I had the "just calling to see route" but I blew that already.

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When the VA called me they left a message. I bet it was just a solicitor.


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I would think that if it were a prospective employer, they would have left a message for you to call them back.


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Any decent recruiter/HR rep from the VA would have left you a message. You should still follow up with a phone call a few days after dropping off your resume to "touch base" with their HR department. Explain to them your work schedule doesn't follow the typical 8-5, M-F format (they should understand).

You may get the standard "We're still reviewing applications, we'll call you if your experience matches our requirements". Thank them for their time (most recruiters are SWAMPED). They KNOW what your call is for :) so don't feel bad about calling. I would rather hear enthusiam in a candidate, than someone who just fired off a resume, then waited for the phone to ring.

Good luck! I am also looking at our local VA as a possible employer.


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They would've left a message... Don't stess it. I called one week after submiting my app and they set up an interview while I was on the phone. Good Luck!


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Thank you all for your input. I'm so stressed about finding a job I am losing my mind and getting an ulcer.


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The VA is a federal organization. Not only would they have left you a message, their number would never have come in as unknown. It would have said "VA" and would give you a number (which most likely would have been a WATTS trunk number not the actual person's extension.)

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