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What to do after Nclex?!

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Hi everyone! I took my nclex earlier today, was very nervous the whole time because I am a quick test taker and felt like the test was really hard. When the computer shut off at 75 questions I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest! I was upset and worried and then I came home and realized that 75 is a good sign and mustered up the courage to do the Pearson Vue trick. I got the good pop up!

I want to know if paying for the quick results if worth it (I live in Illinois) and how you go about getting your nursing license once you find out you passed and how long it takes.

The PVT isn't 100% accurate,

I would pay for the quick results, so I know officially if i did pass the nclex. Then relax.

I haven't heard of anyone getting the "good pop-up" and then failing. I found out the next day after I took it at about 1PM on my state's licensing page that I passed. Then I got the official e-mail 2 hours later. Best of luck!

Hi did your test consist of a lot of SATA?

Yes it did

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I was the same way. I gasped when the computer shut off at 75, CONVINCED I'd failed. Thankfully, my license posted less than 48 hours later.

SATA, med questions, etc. mean nothing with regards to whether you were getting passing or failing questions. You got the good pop up, which is relatively reliable, but of course not 100% accurate. All you can do is wait (or do Quick Results, if that's available to you).

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the advice :) I will check my state board of nursing licensure list in a few days!