What makes a bad nurse?

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Ruby Vee, BSN

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arrogant, know-it-alls are dangerous.

so is someone who lacks common sense.

laziness is annoying, but i've known a lot of lazy nurses who still manage to keep their patients alive and some very hard workers with no common sense who haven't.


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Of all the providers I've had, the ones I loved the most (whether it be, RN, NP, MD...) are the ones that listen to your complaints, and take them as seriously as you do.

dudette10, MSN, RN

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IME, a nurse who is not a team player, a nurse who is lazy, a nurse that dismisses a patient's subjective symptoms without further investigation. These three characteristics are often exhibited by a "bad" nurse.


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A Poor memory!


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A nurse who makes fun of patients and their families; and lack of accountability. And all the other negative traits previous posters mentioned.

I was very upset when I heard a nursing instructor say that a "a good nurse is a bad nurse." Not sure what she meant b t I guess according to her if your were too nice (thin-skinned) you were not a good nurse. I do not agree with this but just wanted to but it out there. Maybe is best to be somewhere in middle.

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