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What is it like to work as an agency nurse in corrections?

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I am thinking about working part time with an agency that sends nurses to prisons to work. I was curious as to what it was like as I haven't worked in corrections for 15 years.  Do they give you any kind of orientation or are you suppose to know what to do since you are an agency nurse? Thanks

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They have to give you some sort of training.  However minimal.

It would be utterly nuts to expect even an experienced nurse to know exactly what to do from the first moment you walked in.

At the very least, you need to be told what are your duties.  Med set up and pass?  Sick call?  Help in Doc's office?  Intake?

Where is emergency medical stuff?  What is the procedure for riots?  Fights?  Phone numbers?  Where's the bathroom?  Where is the cafeteria and what are the hours?  What does food cost?

What keys do you need?  What times are Med Pass and Clinic?  What days to certain things happen?  Like is there a day or 2 per week when the Gyn is there or when patients are taken to specialty clinics outside the prison?

If you are experienced, you likely already know how to be courteous and fair but firm, suspicious of inmates, how not to get yourself into any compromising situations, stuff like that.  Share absolutely not one iota of personal information with anyone, definitely not with inmates.  

If you think someone is innocent, don't go around saying so.  Keep it to yourself or you will have staff thinking you are on the wrong side and inmates might try to take advantage of your bleeding heart.  Fair or not, that's life and work behind bars.  No favors or you'll be labeled an inmate lover. 

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