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Chan Chan specializes in RN BS.

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  1. Chan Chan

    HELP!!! Licensure by endorsement

    Did you get your license? If possible, could you share your timeframe? Thank you
  2. Chan Chan

    Got BSN in 2015 and Still Searching for Job

    It seems like she really just needs to start working. That's what I took from it.
  3. Chan Chan

    NJ license by endorsement

    Has anyone recently applied for license by endorsement? I submitted my application last week, I'm kind of confused about their fingerprinting process. Do I really have to wait for them to mail instructions for identogo? Also what is the typical timeframe for endorsement? I've seen on other treads some people were saying up to 4 months. I live in NJ now if that makes a difference...
  4. Chan Chan

    License by endorsement

    Dooh. Wrong forum.
  5. Chan Chan

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Interesting. How did you get all of these amazing jobs as a new grad...
  6. Chan Chan

    Got BSN in 2015 and Still Searching for Job

    Yeah, this area is completely flooded. Dialysis is always hiring. I strongly suggest applying to the big 2 dialysis companies. They offer extensive training. Could be a good transition to a renal med surg unit. Or anything really. Hope everything worked out for the writer.
  7. Chan Chan

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    Sure, the conditions are set, if that's what you meant, but everyone is entitled to an opinion concerning the matter.
  8. Chan Chan

    Why is there a 7 year limit on prerequisites for nursing?

    I agree with the OP. I think it's ridiculous. Another hoop to jump through. More $ generated. You won't find many agreeing with you on here about this.
  9. Chan Chan

    Can you return to dialysis after 11 years away?

    If you're considering going back to outpatient, you'll be totally fine. You can likely make a nice penny with your experience, and you'll be thoroughly retrained. Let us know how you make out.
  10. Chan Chan

    Process of getting hired

    Hi everyone. I just had a few questions since I have never worked with an agency. I currently have a full-time staff position but I have also been looking to pick up per diem shifts. Last week I applied to a company on indeed (which simply consisted of me sending my resume) and then kind of forgot about it. Yesterday I got a call from an out of state number, the representative said that she was calling from said agency and gave me instructions to fill out paper work that was emailed. I got suspicious because she said they would need my social security number also on the paper work... I looked up the company and there is not much information on them and no reviews. They do have a few ads on indeed though. Is this typical of agencies? How does it usually work? Don't they interview applicants? I am a new RN (for context).
  11. Chan Chan

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    I think they hold the power in deciding whether to move forward in the process. And they know it. Am I mistaken?
  12. Chan Chan

    The Worst Interview of My Life! Ever!

    Smh. I guess absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  13. No ma'am. I am not. Just being nosey. Was curious.
  14. Are these all restricted under this program you finished and if so, why? I can understand the poppy seeds but the other things?? Congrats KJE