What do you like most/least about being a nurse?

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Hello. I am a 2nd year respiratory therapy student who is thinking of starting back into the RN program and finish becoming an RN this Summer. I was curious to see what you enjoy the most and the least about being a nurse. If you could do it over again, would you still become a nurse? Thanks for your help. Tammy

The thing I like most about nursing is dealing with the patients and families. This is an area where I've always excelled - it's a challenge sometimes to find a way to get thru to some people. Some people respond to humor, some to being solicitous, some to being dead serious. Some people want to be educated about everything, some just don't want to deal with the details.

At the LTCF where I work now, I've developed a good relationship with a few of the residents, that the rest of the staff complain about - and I can't understand why they complain about them. I've never observed the behaviors that the others say they exhibit. Yes, they have their little quirks, but don't we all, as humans?

The thing I HATE, HATE, HATE is the ever increasing amount of paperwork!!:madface:

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The paperwork is horrid.

The least thing I like is working night shift and weekends for such pitiful shift differential to be away from your family and missing the milestones of life.

The best part of nursing is the joy derived from helping people through their disease processes and impacting positively on their lives.

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What I like the most as a nurse:

I make enough money to live on and I can change jobs when I get bored. Always something new and exciting to learn with new jobs. Teaching new nurses how to be good nurses.

What I like the least as a nurse:

Dealing with severe 'untreated' depression in co-workers, patients, patients families and management persons. Please go dump on a therapist, I am really too busy to be a leaning post. Spending too much time sorting bull-poopoo from real treatable issues.

What i like best.

when a patient says i'm the best nurse they ever had, or when they write a letter to the hospital saying the same thing.

that makes you feel good, even if its not true.

I'm not the best technical nurse, i have to use refresher books all the time, but i'm a great people person.

Things i hate.

We seem to be behind soon as we get on the floor, never enough time.

Seems to be alot of backstabbing, or people who act better than others.

I hate when people roll their eyes when we have new grads coming in.

God, i'm happy to get help!

I have worked in many industries, and for nursing you would think they would be a caring bunch, but they sure seem to eat each other up.

Good - job security, good pay/benefits, helping people, diverse interactions with pts and coworkers, learning something new everyday, being part of a large organization (team).

Bad - FLOATING, having to go to work in bad weather and leave family, exposure to bacteria/viruses that don't even have names yet, my feet always hurt.

Yes, if I could do this all over again, I'd definately be a nurse. Mind you, if I could do it all over again, I would have studied harder and taken school a little more seriously.

What I like most about nursing is doing the job. I get comments about how patient I am with the pts. I love knowing what needs to be done and doing it. I love setting high expectations for myself and expecting the "perfect shift".

What I don't like about nursing is getting to work. I don't like waking up from a good sleep (or lack there of), trudging to the shower, trudging to the car and rolling out of my car and trudging to my unit. Of course, once I get there and take my first sip of tim horton's coffee (starbucks when I'm feeling a little rich) I feel fine and I'm happy. I put in my music cd and just start working.

When my shift is over, I don't like the next shift coming in. I have to collect all my junk, trudge back to the car.... drive home.....roll outta the car and into my bed.

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I like the uniform, the badge, and the paycheck. But no amount of money will top the feeling when a patient respects, admire, and appreciates you for whatever care you give to them. I love helping sick people. I come home with a smile in my face knowing I made somebody feeling better today. what I don't like? Pressure of working overtime ( I mean mandatory overtime), and working with other lazy, whiney nurses.

Rtin05 what amkes you want to be a Nurse. I always see RT's and they always seem to be in there own world.

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Having worked outside nursing, I'd say:

Best: Leaving every shift knowing that you made a difference in someone's life. Constantly learning - the human body is just very cool! Flexibility of job hours and work areas.

Worst: Pay - not good reward for effort/importance! Overwork.

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