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Do you have one with wheels?...I currently have a regular back pack that straps to the ole back. Will I survive school without having to get back surgery when its all done? Let me know if you have one with wheels, what brand, rough price and if it is roomy and holds up. Thanks!


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Jansport Driver 8. About 100 bucks. Nursing books are so heavy, I wouldn't want to carry them on my back!


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I've survived first and second semester with a Vera Bradley tote. I have two bags that I switch back and forth from, one of which is huge so I could probably fit a small child inside, lol. Sure, books are humongous and weigh a ton, but for me, I only bring along my binder with printed lecture, my planner, and iPad. Most of my professors even say to use the textbook as a resource, so it all depends on what works for your classes and what your professors advise.


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I am about to go into my 4th semester of nursing school and I never did get a backpack, lol. I thought I would need one and intended to get one, especially since I didn't think I'd want to use digital books. But it turns out I do like using digital books and therefore have no use for anything but my tablet or a my computer case. Having said that, there are people who like to have all their supplies and books with them and they have very nice rolling bags. I'd go for that as opposed to having all that weight on your back. Nursing books are heavy monsters.


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This may sound silly but I had 2 bags I used. I had HUGE text books and it just made it easier to not have to unload and repack one bag all the time. And yes, I still have back pain despite this! ;)


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I considered getting one on wheels, but never did it. I rarely needed to carry more than one book to class, and even for studying, I just carried what didn't fit in there in my arms the short distance from my car to Starbucks. Sometimes it was two loads! :)


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I was considering getting a backpack but I think I'll just get a tote for my laptop, snacks, and a book if needed.

If I park my car strategically enough I should be able to just leave my books in my car and go get them when necessary.


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I have just a plain ol' Eddie Bauer backpack. Like others have said, I don't actually carry my textbooks a lot - once or twice per week, probably. Several people I go to school with have rolling bags and they really like them, but for me it wasn't worth dropping the extra money when I already had a perfectly good backpack.

I just use a regular Jansport backpack. Its the model with one big pocket and a small one in the front. (You can buy them at Tillys). Anyway, It holds a 2 inch binder with my notes, my computer, charger, snacks, etc. I don't carry my text books to class because we don't use them in class (most of the time).

I use the same bag for clinicals and just switch out the contents.

I wouldn't waste a lot of money on a bag if you already have something that works.


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Most of the people in my class use the small rolling suitcase not sure what size but small carry on size. Look out at the thrift shop! I got one that has been great for $4! Can't beat that! Plus no achy back!


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