What if I'm only interested in women's health?


I just started nursing school, and I want nothing more than to become a L&D/Post Partum/OB nurse. I am willing to take any other jobs first to achieve this goal and I realize it isn't always a possibility to be hired right in, but I can't get over my fear that I'm not going to make a great nurse because I don't have any desire at all to practice any other sort of nursing. Is there anyone out there that was only passionate about women's health and not any of the other areas?

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A lot of us feel that way about 1 type of nursing or another. It's quite common. Personally, I am a neonatal nurse and most of my friends are either neonatal or pediatric nurses. We have no desire to do any other type of clinical nursing. You just have to accept the fact that you might not get what you want right away -- and have to "suck it up" and do a good job even if you are working in area that is not your first choice.

I'd also recommend keeping an open mind as you go through school. A lot of people find that they like other areas if they give them a chance -- and/or find that they don't like the area they thought you would like as much as they thought they would.


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I started nursing school with hardly any interest in anything besides OR. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of the aunt that made me want to be a nurse in the first place. Then, I spent some time in the OR, and found it incredibly boring. I've found that my love is cardiac, and I really enjoyed my clinical time on a post-cardiac care stepdown unit. So, keep an open mind You never know what you're going to fall in love with!


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That happened to me. I was inspired by a nurse practitioner in a women's clinic. After school, OB/post-partum had few jobs and wouldn't hire me (no experience). So if it happens to you, I would take the med-surg job at the women's hospital as I've noticed they like to hire from within. I did Psych (my second-favorite) and am now in med-surg to open up my options.

Sometimes, people do luck out. If they need nurses, I've heard L&D might hire right out of school. Probably unlikely with this economy though.

Good luck. Sometimes it just takes time?


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You absolutely never know. I planned to go into ER nursing, but fell in love with the babies, so now I'm considering NICU (haven't graduated just yet!). I have a friend though, who wanted to do L&D, was hired into L&D, hated it and ended up in the ER, which she loved. You won't be a terrible nurse just because you prefer one area over another, you just have to keep an open mind and learn as much as you can in every clinical setting you experience.


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I can relate to your feelings. I went to nursing school to be an OB nurse- ONLY! I didn't want to ever do anything else. I did well in all my clinicals but only felt at home in OB/PEDS. Once I graduated there weren't many OB jobs and I decided to take a MED/SURG, TELE. position at my local hospital. I love it! What you do in clinicals are not the same as working as a nurse. I am on a unit that is very supportive, I am learning so much. I still see myself in OB one day- but I have no desire to leave where I am at. (I can't believe I feel this way!) Please try to keep an open mind. You can't imagine yet what you will do once you graduate. Maybe it will be OB right away or maybe not, but be encouraged that you will find something you love, even if it's not what you think right now!

Best of luck to you :nurse:


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Thanks so much, you all really relieved me. I will certainly keep an open mind - I'm excited for all the possibilities!


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I am in the exact same position as you. I am only in my second semester of nursing school and I only want to do OB (we don't get any OB experience until 3rd semester). It is very hard to want to go to clinicals when I know that my heart and my passion just aren't there. Just push through it and you will be fine.


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I'm the same way. I am on the home stretch of Nursing School. (Done in May) So I'm really starting to look for jobs. Most OB units are on hiring freezes or they would rather experienced nurses.

I'm on the lookout though and I'm going to apply to as many hospitals as I can.


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I went into nursing school interested in either geriatrics or OB. I really wanted geriatrics FIRST but kept an open mind. Turned out, I like almost ALL the areas in which I did clinicals, even med-surg. Keep an open mind and don't give up til you get the job you really want, even if it's not the first one you do obtain. I wish you the very best. Nursing is great in that we have so many opportunities and possibilities, if we are willing to work for them.

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I 2nd, 3rd, 4th and probably even 5th keeping the open mind. One has no idea where they'll end up someday. I started NS thinking OB would be OK. Left NS thinking NO WAY would I do OB.....tried lots of different paths after graduation and guess where I'm at now :D

You never know .. I was hired right into L&D right after nursing school. Like you, I have only been interested in Women's health since LOONG ago (my BSN is my second bachelors degree).

I hope it works out for you.. go to nursing job fairs and look for places that are hiring for women's health .. if its what you love you should try as hard to get it as possible. I love going to my job everyday, and I hope you get to do the same!

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