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I am to start the nursing program Jan.12,2004. I got papers yesterday which indicated I will need a physical. I have an appointment for the physical but now I am somewhat worried. The reason for my concern is that I am A.D.H.D and take medication daily. I'm very scared if the nursing program finds out I have this defect they will want me out. When I take my physical do I disclose my medication, if I disclose my medication does the report show I'm on Adderall, or do I not say a word. Does the urine test check for drugs or just protein, sugar, etc?

Geezzz I have a 4.0 grade point average and I'm worried about a urine test!!!


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Be honest! Your ADHD med is not a "drug". No one can kick you out of a program for that. Ask around and you will find a TON of ppl with ADHD.

Matter of fact, I have a friend who went through college and got into the police force with ADHD, she still takes her meds but in a lower dose.

Your meds are an aid. You DO NOT have a defect! You are probably more in the norm than you realize.

Just say what meds you are on. You should not have any prob!

Good luck and Congrats! And welcome to the BB!

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I don't believe the nursing program can descriminate against you for being ADD. I know quite a few people in my program who are ADD. Adderol will come up as a methamphetamine if they do a urine drug screen (dh is in the military and I guess someone almost got kicked out because of this). Definately don't keep this information from your doctor. Everything will be fine.

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Also, I'm sure it depends on the school...my school just required a urinalysis, not a drug screen.

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No, they can't discriminate against you over that. If it's being managed with medication, then that should be fine.


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I'm certain that rejecting you due to a medical condition would be discrimination.

You can't reject someone due to a condition which is under control with medication. What about diabeties, high cholesterol or even depression. I could see if you had physical limitations like back problems where you couldn't lift patients, etc. but I would just BE HONEST and disclose EVERYTHING.

Just my opinion. Good luck.


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No one will kick you out of nursing school for that reason.

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