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I have sent my resume out to 3 Nursing Homes so far. They have not gotten back to me. I just graduated a week ago and sent in my ATT for the NCLEX last week. I am thinking the test will be in July. My question is should I be calling the company back or should I wait until I have a license?

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I'd wait until I have a license, but that is me. Maybe these nursing homes want a person with a temporary license or already have their license in hand.

It isn't going to hurt to talk to someone even before you get your license. Due to the job shortage that is present it can only help to get your name known to HR there.


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If it were me, I would wait until I get my license, too. As soon as it was in-hand, I would start calling the places you applied. Good Luck!

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I got my 1st job out of school before I got a license, of course the stipulation being I DID get a license. I worked as an aide, then as a QMA (med aide) until I passed boards. Give it a shot! It doesn't hurt to try!

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Start calling. The worst they can say is "Wait until you have your license."


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I say, get your license then go apply in person. I was hired on the spot, at the first job I applied at, because I was there in person. There wasn't even an ad for an opening!

I think DON's like that kind of initiative.

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