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What is/ was your most helpful nursing school supply?

Also how do/did you organize your flashcards?

My most useful nursing school supply has been highlighters.. I use those suckers a lot. Get a variety of colors. I organize my flash cards based on the subject: meds, diseases/disorders, treatments, lab values, etc.

Natasha, CNA, LVN

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if you are a visual learner charts and diagrams so lots of paper. :)

if you are a tactile learner lots of paper

if you are an audio learner tape recorder

if you are a kinesthetic learner lots of practice questions and flashcards

most useful school supply are nclex Q&A books and hesi comprehensive review book (any type of condense books lipinnocot lvn fast facts, etc) helpful to prep for class exams.


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I only used flash cards in my prereqs.

For nursing school, like the OP said, lots of paper! I liked 5 subject notebooks but have recently switched to 2 subject notebooks.

I use/need lots of colored pens and really good mechanical pencils, a rely good eraser, lots of colorful highlighters.

And lots of Post its, flags.

So far, my biggest help has been PowerPoint. My instructors have coincided their lectures and power point with each unit. Huge help to be able to listen to the lecture and follow along with the slides at home!!

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