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What GPA makes honors?


I've been working on my resume and put that I graduated with honors. However, when I checked my cumulative GPA, its only a 3.367. Why does my diploma say I graduated with honors if its below the standard 3.5? Do they only use the classes needed for the degree and leave out everything else?

It's typically based only on the courses you completed at that particular school (not courses that were transferred in for credit). And different schools do "honors" in different ways. Some base it on a specific GPA range; others base it on a percentage of the class (e.g., the top 20% of the graduating class graduate cum laude, the top 10% graduate cum magna laude, the top 5% graduate cum summa laude). However your school chooses to award honors, if it's on your diploma, you've got it. :)


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Man, I wish mine had been off of the school GPA! Mine was 3.89, but cumulative was 3.45, just shy of honors! Oh well! :)


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It may also be calculated as of the next-to-last semester. Like the last semester didn't get counted in. But that's the way it worked at my college. I made it just at 3.45.