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  1. Nursynursenurse

    What is your dream job?

    Magician's Assistant
  2. Nursynursenurse

    What % of women don't know basics of female anatomy?

    This is very true, vulva/labia are forbidden words. When I worked in an outpatient lab we had posters that explained how to collect a clean catch urine. For males it said to wipe around the tip of the penis, no big deal. For females it said use fingers to separate the "urinary folds" and wipe front to back! As if urinary folds is a body part or something. I guess using the correct term sounds too erotic and is therefore inappropriate for the general public.
  3. Nursynursenurse

    Ear bug!

    Having a bug in my ear is my absolute worst fear ever! One time I thought I felt something crawl inside my ear and I was too afraid to have someone look in case there was something. I started to get dizzy and almost passed out. I used a qtip and cleaned out my ears really good. My mind plays tricks on me and I will feel an itching/tickling sensation at the thought of bugs. June bugs are literally my most feared bug ever and what happened to the above poster will give me nightmares for life. I might have to wear ear plugs at all times.
  4. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    Many posters keep asking how he found out she was a nurse and where she works as if she is to blame. She said she met him through work which hardly makes him a "virtual stranger" or some creeper she met online. She knew him in real life.
  5. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    And people keep telling her that she shouldn't have told him she was a nurse or used her real name which is terrible advice if you want to be a normal human being who is capable of having relationships.
  6. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    Are we as nurses not allowed to use our real names or say our occupation when going on a date? I don't know. It would be kind of shady if I couldn't verify my date's identity or if he wouldn't tell me what he does for a living.
  7. Nursynursenurse

    junior high student thinks she is pregs

    Ironically, he cant swim.
  8. Nursynursenurse

    Is a fall occurrence of "zero" possible?

    Thats impressive. We have about 130 beds and have falls daily to every other day, usually the same few residents over and over again.
  9. Nursynursenurse

    junior high student thinks she is pregs

    Yes it got everywhere. Physical contact but no penetration. I wiped it off with a towel then went to the bathroom and then cleaned off more with wet wipes just to be sure. I've been abstinent for 6 years and have an infant. It just bothers me when people think you are safe as long as you dont have intercourse.
  10. Nursynursenurse

    junior high student thinks she is pregs

    That depends on what your definition of sex is. Sex is such a vague term. Most people assume it means sexual intercourse but it can include all sexual acts. So the sexual act I was doing could be considered "sex" even if there was no penetration which there absolutely was not. I have vulvadynia and can have normal sex because it is too painful.
  11. Nursynursenurse

    junior high student thinks she is pregs

    I wanted to jump in here and add that intercourse is not the only way to get pregnant, I learned that the hard way. My boyfriend ejaculated on me and I tested positive for pregnancy a month later when I went in for a procedure. When they asked when my LMP was, I said I'm expecting it any day. They asked if I could be pregnant and I laughed and said, "zero chance, I'm not sexually active". They wheeled me into the surgical room and handed me the results and said they cant go through with the procedure because I tested positive. I told them that thats impossible, its wrong, and to test me again. At first I thought I might be being pranked. Then I thought for sure I must have an HCG secreting tumor. Well now I have an adorable seven month old and my boyfriend and I still have never had real sex. Not many people know that this is possible. I sure didnt and I'm a nurse.
  12. Nursynursenurse

    Is a fall occurrence of "zero" possible?

    Someone can easily fall even on 1:1 if they suddenly feel weak and have to be lowered. We're not allowed to catch them. Bed alarms are useless in LTC when the resident decides to roll out of bed. You can be within feet of a room and by the time you hear the alarm sound, they are on the floor. This happened to me as I was standing right outside a room. What good are alarms for confused dementia patients who cant remember that they cant walk? The second they try to stand, they fall. Or they wiggle their way out of bed starting with their legs. At my facility, some "falls" have become "behaviors" because they have become so ridiculous. There is a lady who throws herself from her bed to her floor mattress at night for attention only when staff are watching. Then there is this man who is too weak to walk so he crawls around on the floor in his room. He gets aggressive when we try to help so he just sits on his floor much of the time.
  13. Nursynursenurse

    Light at the End of the Tunnel: RN to BSN

    I feel like employers should at least post which rooms are being video/audio recorded. I used to pump milk at work and would go in empty rooms but most of the time I would pump standing up in the tiny bathroom because I didnt feel comfortable. I thought about doing it in the med room which is locked but feared being taped. Had I been videotaped without my knowledge I would feel extremely violated.
  14. Nursynursenurse

    LTC's are a joke

    I work night shift and when I am assigned the LTC section, I have 70-75 residents to myself and 2 CNAs. There is a small 12am med pass of about 7 people. Then there is the 5am pass of about 30 residents. If I start at 0330, I usually finish by 0600 when morning shift comes if nothing crazy happens but that is rare. I prefer to start at 0300 in case someone falls or cant breath or else its impossible to finish on time. I always give pain pills and important pills within the window, but omeprozoles and syntroids I will give hours early.
  15. Nursynursenurse

    Blood Collection Variables are a Risk to Patients

    I was a phlebotomist and worked in the lab before becoming a nurse and you have no idea how clueless some nurses are on blood collection. It is not their fault because it is something not taught in school and they are lucky if they are properly trained on the job. If using a butterfly needle and you need to draw a PT or PTT (blue top tube) you must use a no-additive discard tube first to displace the air that is in the tubing of the butterfly needle. If not, the air will cause the blue tube to underfill which will disrupt the 1:9 ratio of sodium citrate to blood and the machine wont run and if it does, the results may not be accurate. Also, they trained us to always use the no-additive tube before the blue tube. Some phlebs are lazy and use the chemistry tube with the gel before the blue but this tube contains a clot activator which can interfere with coagulation tests. Allow the chemistry samples to clot before centrifuging. Usually this takes 10-15 minutes but for those on blood thinners it may take longer. Electrolytes will be out of wack if you dont. You dont want to wait too long either though. Wait more than an hour and glucose levels will be falsely low. For every hour that serum is allowed to sit on the red cells, glucose levels will decrease by 10%. The cells are metabolically active and continue to exchange nutrients. We had nurses that forgot to send down blood through the tube system all day and wanted us to run the tests as if there would be no problems. If you are collecting from a line and have to transfer blood from a syringe to the tube, still follow the correct order of draw. Also, never push the blood into the tube. I dont know how many times I have received blood from the floors and the blue top tube was way over filled. The tubes have vacuum so will automatically stop where they should. The other tubes dont matter as much but your blue coag tube MUST be at the black line! If you are going to mix any tube, mix the lavender EDTA tube used for CBCs! If there is a clot, the lab will reject the sample because it wont be possible to get an accurate blood count. The EDTA is sprayed throughout the tube so it doesnt mix as well as the sodium citrate which is a good amount of liquid and mixes easily with blood. If you're drawing somebody and the blood is coming slow, take the tube out, invert the tube with whatever blood you have in it, and stick it back in and continue filling. If using a butterfly, its easy to invert it while its still filling. No stagnant blood! If blood is hemolyzed beyond a certain degree, it will be rejected, the test cancelled, and will need to be redrawn. Hemolysis signifies the rupture of RBCs which mean their entire cellular components are now contaminating the serum. Potassium that is intracellular is now extracellular and if the lab were to release those results, the levels would be critically high. Usually, it happens with a hard stick or if the blood was coming slow (the vacuum of the tube caused pressure which destroyed RBCs). If the blood is coming but the flow is iffy, its not a bad idea to draw an extra tube for good luck. You'd be surprised, some tubes from the same patient would be grossly hemolyzed yet others would be clear. Lactic acid must be collected on ice and sent immediately. If I get a sample and its sitting in a bag of water and mostly melted ice, I would call back and ask when exactly it was drawn. The techs use the ABG machine on these specimens so it is very fragile and time sensitive. After 10 minutes, they were no longer good. Oh, and if you make a mistake and put someone elses label on a tube, dont put the correct patient's label OVER it and think it will be ok. That is an error and will be rejected. Completely remove the wrong label. If you need to put another label on the tube and its the correct patient already, dont cover the name. The lab will assume you are trying to cover up a mistake. Make sure the new label is under the name of the old. Make sure 2 patient identifiers are on each tube. Name and DOB. I cant count how many times nurses would send unlabeled, misslabed, partially labeled specimens. Then I would call and tell them we needed the sample to be redrawn and they would get mad at me. Some didnt believe they made a mistake and had to see it for themselves! This one doesnt have an effect on lab values but its something else I remember from my phleb days. When drawing blood cultures, show the bottles to your patient before you draw from them and tell them you just need a little bit of blood to mix with each bottle. If you draw their blood and they see those red filled bottles, they will think you filled the entire bottle with their blood and FREAK.
  16. Nursynursenurse

    Healthcare-related "what the heck?!?!" dreams

    I had a dream a walked into a room and a resident fell and his arms and legs also fell off. Totally gory, blood everywhere. I didn't know what to do. I had a dream where I came on shift and all the residents that were standing started collapsing one by one. I had a dream where I had just crushed a lady's meds and then poured them into the hot tub that happened to be right next to my med cart. I told her to get in, its time for her treatment. She refused. I took off my scrubs and conveniently had a bikini on underneath and jumped in. There was a foreign exchange nurse from Korea that spoke no English already in the hot tub. And those are only the ones I REMEMBER