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  1. Nursynursenurse

    What is your dream job?

    Magician's Assistant
  2. Nursynursenurse

    What % of women don't know basics of female anatomy?

    This is very true, vulva/labia are forbidden words. When I worked in an outpatient lab we had posters that explained how to collect a clean catch urine. For males it said to wipe around the tip of the penis, no big deal. For females it said use fingers to separate the "urinary folds" and wipe front to back! As if urinary folds is a body part or something. I guess using the correct term sounds too erotic and is therefore inappropriate for the general public.
  3. Nursynursenurse

    Ear bug!

    Having a bug in my ear is my absolute worst fear ever! One time I thought I felt something crawl inside my ear and I was too afraid to have someone look in case there was something. I started to get dizzy and almost passed out. I used a qtip and cleaned out my ears really good. My mind plays tricks on me and I will feel an itching/tickling sensation at the thought of bugs. June bugs are literally my most feared bug ever and what happened to the above poster will give me nightmares for life. I might have to wear ear plugs at all times.
  4. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    Many posters keep asking how he found out she was a nurse and where she works as if she is to blame. She said she met him through work which hardly makes him a "virtual stranger" or some creeper she met online. She knew him in real life.
  5. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    And people keep telling her that she shouldn't have told him she was a nurse or used her real name which is terrible advice if you want to be a normal human being who is capable of having relationships.
  6. Nursynursenurse

    In fear of losing my license.

    Are we as nurses not allowed to use our real names or say our occupation when going on a date? I don't know. It would be kind of shady if I couldn't verify my date's identity or if he wouldn't tell me what he does for a living.
  7. Nursynursenurse

    Nurses with eating disorders?

    Im a bulimic in remission thanks to topamax. It is a miracle drug and has given me my life back. I have struggled with binge eating for over half my life. Food is my addiction and i think there is something wrong with my brain chemistry. Why can normal people eat a meal and feel satisfied while some still have cravings long after physical fullness sets in? Many people with a healthy weight attribute their size to healthy choices but I believe something else is going on. Its not will power. They do not experience the incessant cravings I have after eating a filling meal and it doesn't take all the energy within them to resist them. They eat and go about their day. I eat and want more to the point I get physical symptoms and completely lose the ability to concentrate. Food is literally the only thing on my mind in my non medicated state. I would eat until I couldn't stand up straight or walk right. I would eat until my stomach was so full it would compress my lungs and I'd be panting like a dog. Purging is less risky to me than consuming 8,000 calories a day and becoming morbidly obese. I dont regret that behavior. Is that horrible? As a nurse, i know the dangers of heart disease, HTN, DM and dont want to let myself get huge and take that risk. I feel guilty when I see a very large person and think, "why don't they just purge?" Studies have shown that dieting is actually one of the main causes of binge eating disorder which is ironic considering how so many people will go on a diet to lose a few pounds then have it backfire. Our bodies are evolutionarily designed to resist famine at all costs. When it senses famine (dieting), the biological drive for food is so strong it will do everything in its power to make sure it gets food. That means intense cravings. Even if you aren't truly starving, if you body senses a cut in calories, it will think its starving and send out hunger signals. This is why diets fail 99.9% of the time. See the Minnesota starvation experiment. The psychology of hunger
  8. Nursynursenurse

    Wrongful termination or being put between a rock and a hard place!

    Had the BON taken her seriously the first time, she wouldnt have had to keep calling and emailing them. It is my understanding that they sided with her employer from the start while breaking their own law by not requiring actual evidence as to why she was fired. What was she supposed to do at that point? Let it go? Let years of hard work, sacrifice, loans, her career, and future go down the drain because some employer wanted to cover up the fact that they didnt have a reason to fire her? She has every right to be angry and if she wasnt, there would be something seriously wrong with her. Based on what she wrote, she acted 100% appropriate given the circumstances.
  9. Nursynursenurse

    Wrongful termination or being put between a rock and a hard place!

    Reading your story makes me want to go back to college and get a backup degree for when I get wrongfully terminated. What ever happened to innocent before proven guilty? Who is in charge of making checks and balances on the BON? Its seems like the BON is getting too big and powerful. They are capable of ruining someones life with no just cause. Its sickening. Can we sue the BON for failure to follow their own laws?
  10. Nursynursenurse

    Seeking advice from all you Introverted nurses out there...

    I used to think that I'm an introvert but found out I'm actually a shy extrovert. I get anxious around people and have social phobia but hate being alone. I love going out and socializing, I'm just super awkward most of the time and make dumb mistakes. I never seem to know how to inititate conversation. I never know where, when, and how long to make eye contact. I never talk loud enough and seem to always screw up what I plan on saying. My awkwardness has made other people feel like they have done something wrong (I've been confronted before). At work, I love when I find another nurse who I can talk to on a personal level. It takes a while for me to find friends and when I finally "click" with someone, I finally feel comfortable and normal. Then I am an open book and cant stop talking. I wish I could talk as easily as others do in a group. The difference between an introvert and me, a shy extrovert, is that an introvert is comfortable remaining silent while I feel anxiety. I hate hearing the dreaded, "You're so quiet" or "Why are you so quiet?" I get those a lot unfortunately so I can definately relate to introverts. The good thing about nursing is that you're often too busy to feel anxious. You have a job to do so you problems get pushed aside. The residents are my number one priority and I never let my fears get in the way of advocating for their needs.
  11. Nursynursenurse

    What are these wounds??!

    I've never heard of this before but it makes sense. Its so interesting. I'm quoting a paragraph from your first link.
  12. Nursynursenurse

    How long did you stay at your first job?

    3 Months. I started 2 PT jobs within days of eachother. I was so excited to get offered jobs that I couldnt say no. Plus I was about 6 months pregnant at the time and needed a back up job in case one decided to fire me for not disclosing my pregnancy in the interview. I decided to go back to the SNF and not the AL after my maternity leave. Its been over a year and I'm still there. Although technically, I started training on the floor at the job I'm at now before I started at the other place so I still consider this my first nursing job.
  13. Nursynursenurse

    What gauge needle for subq heparin do you use?

    All we have are insulin needles. 25 or larger seems gigantic for subq.
  14. Nursynursenurse

    Nurse to patient ratio for LTC.

    Where I work, it is one nurse in the LTC wing for 70-75 residents with 2 CNAs. Luckily the residents have been pretty stable recently so it isnt too bad. Just a HUGE med pass. The rehab side has 50+ and is a nightmare to work always. A million tube feedings, uncontrolled pain, falls, psych issues, etc. I never get a break.
  15. Nursynursenurse

    "I have a PhD, I know more than you do!"

    Well, did the old lady buy the saline or take your suggestion? I dont think it was out of line to offer a cheaper alternative to someone in the community as long as the interaction remained between just the two of you. I realize that you didnt know the pharmacist overheard you say that so at that point, you should have backed off immediately. I cant believe you continued to argue with him and went as far as making a complaint.
  16. Nursynursenurse

    Are nurse's all that and a bag of chips?

    It was probably a stupid gift someone got her so she feels obligated to wear it somewhere. Using it as a sweaty gym shirt is a perfect opportunity.