What are your fall classes for the fall semester?

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what are your fall classes look like? mine are as follows:

fundamentals of nursing i ~ monday and friday

intro to pharmacology ~ friday

clinicals ~ wednesday

lab ~ thursday

human physiology ~ tuesday and thursday

lab ~ tuesday

{if i decide to keep the human physiology class}


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i'm taking


fundamentals of nursing i (first eight weeks)

with clinicals tuesday and thursday every other week

fundamentals of nursing ii (second eight weeks)

with clinicals every tuesday

classes start august 23rd and orientation is august 18th.



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:) hi, I have Family and Community Nursing, Clinical 1, 2 and preceptorship.


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I have Peds half a semester, then maternal nursing the other half...

oh, and the darned English 112 that I didn't get credit for :o

I have Med/Surg

Alterations in Adult health

Nursing transition

Come on December, I am ready to graduate! : )


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Nursing 201 with half the semester Peds and half OB (yayy!)

Clinicals Monday and Wednesday


Medical Terminology

and at the moment, Nutrition, but I'll most likely drop that.

... I have 3 more classes left of Microbiology . I'm SO glad I took it over the summer and I don't have to deal with it along with nursing...


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I am taking



Patho II.

Don't remember when my cliniclas are. Have to look again. Awww....3 more weeks in this summer quarter! :) :) :) :)


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Hi everyone.

I have nursing 1 Monday and Thursday 8-9:50

A and P with lecture Monday and Friday 10-11:50

Clinicals all day tuesday

A and P lab wednesday

and pharm math friday!

Whew! :uhoh3: As I was writing this all down, I got a little scared. I also need to hold a 24 hour a week job, time to study, and a little time to see my boyfriend. How do you all make time to do all of this? Especially you Moms out there?! Kudos to you! HELP! :o


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NUR 100 (fundamentals of nursing) lab on Mon., clinicals on Tues. and lecture on Thurs.

Anatomy & Physiology 161 on Mon.,Wed., and Fri.

Ethics 220 on Thurs.

I think I will be taking enough classes. :uhoh3:

Rn2b204 :) :balloons: :) :balloons:


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here goes mine...i'm in a lpn program

Mon- Micro

tues-funds of nursing & pharm

wed-micro &body structure

thurs-nothing on schedule but i think it's a clinical day


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OK...Here goes...


I have a Personal Health class for 1 credit (it's an Elective~ I need 6 elective credits)

Personal Health Class 9a-10a

Philosophy 5:30p-8:30p


Nursing 232 12:30p-3:05p


Personal Health 9a-10a

Ethics 5:30p-8:15p


Nursing 233 1p-4:35p

I also have a class that they haven't scheduled a time for yet (another part of the Personal Health class...the lecture part, for 2 credits.)

And I'll be working Tuesday and Fridays from 6p-10p and Saturdays and Sundays from 10a-10p.

Life sux sometimes, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.... :uhoh3:


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Nursing III M-T 9 to 11

Med/Surg Clinical W and F 6:30 to 2:30

Death and Dieing W 6-9pm.

After the first eight weeks half of us go to OB and the other half goes to psych. then we switch for the end of the semester.


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