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What to expect at Healthsouth Interview?


i have an interview at arlington healthsouth and i am curious if anyone could tell me what to expect either at this location, or any other location. feel free to share your personal experiences. also does anyone know what they pay lvn's, just so i can figure out how much to ask for.


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My friend is an LVN with 2 years of experience in LTC. Healthsouth (Arlington campus) recently offered her $22 hourly to work their night shift, from 6pm to 6am. She declined the job offer because she was looking for a day shift position.

wow, i would take that if they could give me days...thanks commuter. i wonder what they pay for days?

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the extent of any interview question that one might receive at heathsouth is ..when can you start?

yeah $22 sounds about right for heathsouth. one perk to working here is their medical coverage is from day one. i have done plenty of agency there and its busy but ok.

i would work nights there though less busy.

:nurse: I recently had an interview with Healthsouth for an LPN position. They didn't let me know anything during the interview and I really didn't tell them anything about myself. The only questions they asked were "why should Healthsouth hire you"? and "do you have IV experience" however, if you don't that's ok. I got called a couple days later and offered a job, but I have to set up a meeting to go over the benefits and offer. From what I've read and heard from others, they don't really make an offer until they find out if you are going to take benefits or not. I believe they pay more if you don't enroll in benefits. They also pay more if you are flex or on call.

It's a great sign that you got an interview, because if they don't have an opening, they don't call, you just get filed. So Good luck to you.

thanks for the responses everyone. i went for the interview...everything went ok. i had to take a mini test (medications admin, plus a few nursing questions). they have offered me a job for day shift, but...they wil only offer me $3.50 less than i am currently making. now i'm so torn...the benefits are much better than my current job, plus they have a sign on bonus for a 2 year contract, and they have tuition reimbursement, which my current job does not offer. but, the pay thing bothers me some (although they do have shift diff, which i wil get for parts of my shift)...i don't know what the pt load will actually be like...it's a longer drive than my current job...i have to work some weekends...but if i wait for a month at my current job, i will be able to get a 6-2 shift, weekends off (i love weekends off), plus i get to keep my current pay, though i'll work 2 days more a week. i'm so confused!

could anyone tell me whether working at healthsouth will give me a better shot at getting into a regular hospital, compared to working in a nursing home?

:nurse: So what did they offer. I had heard $22 was about right, but maybe that is only for nightshift. as for the hospital, i know working in a nursing home requires alot of skills same as healthsouth, so I don't think it matters where you work first. If your after a hospital job, apply for one, some hospitals will hire fresh out of school because they can train you the way they want you. Good luck

they offered $17.50 for day shift, because i have less than a year's worth of experience (actually i think they said less than 2 years). that is almost $4 less than i currently make and if i can hold on to the end of the month, i can get a 1st shift with weekends off. at healthsouth, i would work three days, but 4 weekend days a month.

so do you know what hospitals are currently hiring lvns? i know huguley is i have applied and not heard back from them. and the positions are still open. any suggestions? plus there, the have weekends off. i really would like to get on there, or any other hospital. i wouldn't even care much about the pay cut. i just want to work in a hospital. i know that parkland also hires lvn's though i don't know that they are currently hiring.

The healthsouth I just interviewed at offered 17.68, I have exactly 2 years experience. I told them what I was currently making and they matched it. So I accepted. With the evening and weekend differenitals it comes out fairly good. Plus i want the skills experience. Currently I work in asst. living so not much skill required. As for hospitals, the two in my area are not hiring LPN's, however, a friend of mine just got a job at the hospital even though they don't advertise for LPN's, apparently they do hire them.

So just put in applications wherever you want to work, if there is a shortage, i think they would hire an LPN to at least cover some of the work load. We have another hospital in the area that is smaller, and only has RN's working..funny thing is a girl that I graduated with went to the hospital and told them she was going into the RN, so they paid for her RN program and gave her a job as an LPN, she was the only LPN in this hospital, then she failed the program and still kept her job, So that goes to show you that even though they only hire Rn's, they do make exceptions. :nurse:

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych. Has 15 years experience.

so do you know what hospitals are currently hiring lvns?

plenty of hospitals in the dfw area hire lvns, but the pay is crappy when compared to what you can earn at the local nursing homes.

plaza medical center is located in fort worth's downtown hospital district, and they readily hire lvns. jps (john peter smith) is fort worth's county hospital, and they also hire lvns, but at the most horrible pay rates i've ever heard of. one lvn was offered $12.50 for a "senior" med/surg position. arlington memorial hospital also hires lvns. my former coworker was earning $13.50 hourly to work day shift on their med/surg floor, which was only $1.50 more than her cna pay rate there. harris methodist and baylor also have a handful of lvns working their floors. parkland hospital also hires lvns. and don't forget about kindred hospital (i heard they pay lvns very well).

hello everyone ,

iam a RN new to this community.tomorrow iam flying to attend an interview in HS dallas.i have head good and bad [scary] things aout health south.

iam also curious about health south working atmosphere.could any one tell me some thing about the working atmosphere,.......,......,,.....pls................ :confused:

Congratulations on the interview and job offer! I will have an interview with them next week, and I am curious as to which type f interview questions you were asked. I am new to nursing and interviewing, and all tips are appreciated.

Thanks and Best of luck to you!


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