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What Does it mean

O'k I know that it says that the people at the testing center don't know the results. When I finished testing, one of the last ones left, the lady said you are one of the Luck ones, you results will be at BON in 48 hrs. Why am I lucky? Am I lucky because I finished the test and was going home. Does she know I passed. What does it mean. I got WHOLE lot of SATA, prioritizing, Med teaching, few calculations. Answered over 100Q. I feel confident, but her comment is on my mind:no:


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Maybe she meant that you're lucky because you have access to speedy results, unlike many students in other states (or nurses from years past, who often waited weeks or months for results).

racing-mom4, BSN, RN

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Gosh---that statement she made must be driving you crazy!!!! There is nothing you can do but wait~~~rent some good movies and maybe stock up on some clearance easter candy!!!

I remember when I left my test site I said to the lady that fingerprinted me.."so do you think it is a good sign that I ended at 75?" and she just smiled and said "oh I dont know".

Then I thanked them all told them they were very nice and I hope I never had to see them again!!

PS check your states lic site tomorrow. Mine was up with in 24 hours, and I have had classmates who saw thier license number 4 hours after leaving the testing center.

There is no way that they know anything, they do not have access to your exam. And the exam is graded by computer and the results are not available to them either. They are nothing more than proctors.

And they should not be saying anything about results to anyone.

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