What is more difficult? AP or Microbilogy?


unfortunately i will have to drop cemistry and retake it next semester. chemestry its been very hard for me so i am wondering what other course to take along and still have brains to chemistry.


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I LOVE Micro, A&P was harder for me, mainly because of ALL the memorization it requires. If anyone else answers, you just might get a different answer. If Chem is frying your brain, Micro definitely won't help it any. HTH!


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Micro is a breeze to me compared to A&P. Not saying its easy as pie, nope, but I spent way way way more time studying for A&P than I'm doing for Micro. I'm half way through the semester of Micro and have done well on exams with not nearly half the studying I did for A&P. I almost miss not studying as much! LOL. I don't want to fall into bad habits before I start nursing classes in January. But having said that, my thing was always to take only 1 science class at a time to get the best grade possible, so if you are struggling with Chem. I don't think you should take it with another science class at all. Focus on just one at a time so you can get the best grade possible.


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I too am halfway through Micro and I would take it over A&P any day! Mangopeach is dead on-there isn't nearly the amount of studying. Also, to me anyway, I feel like I can actually comprehend what I'm reading rather than have to read it 10 times before I get it. Good luck!

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A&P 2 was much harder than Micro for me. A&P 1 was just memorization.

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Micro was the hardest for me by far. AP1 was just memorization. AP2 was really hard too.


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Micro is easier than A&P at my school. In fact, a lot of it is from A&P I which I already took, so it feels like some new facts plus review since I already had to learn it in every unit so far!


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I think Micro is harder by far. I loved A&P I & II. The concepts as they apply to a system or body part are much easier to grasp. Micro is so much chemistry & amino acids, enzymes, cell structure. ZzzzzZZZzzzz I just don't care for it much.


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I think it depends on your strength and weaknesses; not so much as which is harder. So far Micro has been a repeat of A&P 1 & 2 in some aspects...specifically cell biology and a lot of chemistry. I don't think it's "harder"....just different as it's going into much more detail than in A&P. I'm enjoying Micro and the lab.


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Micro was hard for me, but only b/c of the teacher! A&p I is mostly memorization, and I can't say yet about A&P 2. It's DIFFERENT for everyone too. Good luck.