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What do you consider to be your worst semester?


I'm a 2nd semester nursing student and I'm interested in hearing about your nursing school experiences. I want the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

Your threads are contradicting each other... Unless I'm misunderstanding them. Your later thread says that you're a 4th semester student? But this one says you're a 2nd semester student.

For me personally each one has had their own unique challenges. I am a 3rd semester student. Each semester has been so different it would be like comparing apples to oranges. I guess 1st was worst because it was going into the unknown and getting my study routine fine tuned.

malenurse69, MSN, NP

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Community/psych/research senior year, trifecta from hell. You basically do little to no hands on nursing and it's all about writing apa papers. I remember in other clinicals you have a npr due at the end, well community/psych/research put together has 12-13 papers including presentations... Sometimes overlapping the same days atleast in my case... Yeah good times... :sour:

Edit: and no, not fluffly 2-4 page papers either. They are generally 12-15 pages. My one community paper that's due at the end of the semester is currently 41 freaking pages long. :facepalm:

I'm a senior (3rd semester) and they were all different.

First semester it was fundamentals. One bad quiz grade at the start and I was playing catch up till the end

Second: med/surg was tough. The professor teaches in a way that doesn't work for me. Lots of extra work and studying to grasp concepts that she just skipped over, like diabetes.

Third: OB. I just don't get it or like it. Add in new faculty and total miscommunication. It's a nightmare!

7 more months to go....

Worst semester?

Whichever one I am currently in.


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Senior student here....3rd semester currently. This one has been my absolute worst. I'm struggling with clinicals when I've never had any trouble before. The tests are total nightmares. I barely get sleep and someone else is taking care of my kids most of the time.

This is just my experience. You may think 3rd semester is a breeze. I'm just praying to make it 7 more months to graduation.

la_chica_suerte85, BSN, RN

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Worst quarter was psych. That was an extreme test of patience. I don't have any gory details about it -- it was just being given a whole lot of busy work with very little actual application in the real world. It felt like I was being pranked the whole time.

My second to last semester was my worst. It was a 10 week summer semester so it was a short semester on top of clinicals, projects, and working a full time job. I cried everyday the last two weeks of the semester I was so stressed. I've never been so happy to make a 77 in my life! I was convinced I was going to fail.


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I don't really like this quote but it does make me feel better!! This is my next to last semester. I've kinda became psycho with all the stress. Glad to know you made it through. Maybe I can too!!!!