What color scrubs would you wear for an interview


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Probably go with the neutral solid colors or any color that has cool-dark undertones (navy blue, forest green, dark magenta, etc.)- that way the interviewer will not have headaches or a whiplash from the warm/bright colors. Your can stand out from your 'scrub' if it's about 2 shades darker/lighter than your complexion. Easier for the interviewer to focus their sights on your face and remember you! :) (this is the designer side of me talking, BTW. LOL)

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Odd but if you must wear scrubs, I would probably go with solid navy blue with white shoes. I use either peri cleaner or acetone and some cotton balls toclean mine and they come out very clean =) hope that helps

Thanks !! It really does work tried it tonight:)


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This is also what I would suggest (wearing whatever they where in the unit you're interviewing for). They can picture you in the role, plus you've already bought a set in case you get the job.

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Unless you're interviewing for a creative position, don't be memorable for what you're wearing. I'd go with the navy you have if you have some that look almost new. And don't wear new shoes unless you've WORN them. You don't want to be trying to make a good impression while your feet are hurting.


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OP, When you are with your friends and/or family, during the day, is there a color that you wear that inspires them to say, "You look really good in that color!" ? If so, I would wear that color scrub to the interview.

There is a book called "Color Me Beautiful" that demonstrates how the colors we wear, especially those close to the face, can make us look younger or older, healthier or less-healthy, etc.

I scoffed at the idea at the time but a recruiter friend in San Diego suggested that I try it prior to a spate of interviews. I now believe in it. Don't buy the book (I think it may be out of print) but the theories are available if you look it up on Google.

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Another vote for navy blue.

It's understated and unremarkable - which is what you want.

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normally interviews are suits BUT since they made a special request you wear scrubs so scrubs it is. I'd wear white on white because that is the color that most people associate with nurses and you are seen as the "nurse" because you wear white more than anything.

Make sure its clean, if not too clean go buy a new set just for interview. Iron it and make sure the creases are crispy where it needs to be. Neat hair, lite make up, clean nails, white nursing shoes, clean polish it and if too old get new pair. Bring all nursing stuff you need as if you'd be working on day 1.

Some stuff I always have in my pockets are: stetoscrope, scissors, pen light, 2 black pen, 1 red pen, 1 sharpie and 1 dry erase marker and small note book. 2 pairs of globes, alcohol wipe. Heh you probably dont need all of it but it does show you're prepared for anything if there was a need and you had it.

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Wear the colors that make you look and feel your best.

But if this hospital is one that color codes by job and discipline, then you want to avoid any colors that give the impression that you are anything other than a nurse