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What college should I go to? RIC, URI, CCRI, or NEIT?

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Which school should i go to for the Nursing Program. I finished all of the prerequisites for CCRI and applied but wasn't accepted. I don't want to wait any longer but I also don't want a large tuition bill, so i've hesitated on applying to other schools. At this point i'm willing to do anything. What do I need to do for what college? What credits transfer from CCRI? Which college is more worth my money? What college is the easiest to get in to? RIC, URI, CCRI or NEIT?

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I'm from CT but I'm going to be starting at NEIT in October. I applied to nursing schools here in CT but was wait listed for some and not accepted for others and I DO NOT want to wait. I chose to go to NEIT dispite the price tag because I will get the education and degree that I need in the time that I'd prefer rather than putting off nursing school another year just to "possibly" get accepted. It is very expensive but if not other schools work out and you want to get the ball rolling I do recommend it.

NEIT is simple to get into. I'm a junior at SCSU here in CT and any course that I already passed with a C or better at my current school (that may be required at NEIT) has been accepted for transfer credit. It doesn't cut time off of the 21 month program but it will lighten my courseload a great deal. All you need is to apply, schedule an interview, and take the Kaplan nursing entrance test.

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Just be careful, if it is an ASN program, the Lifespan hospitals are not hiring ASN or diploma RN's. ONLY BSN's.


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At New England tech you get an RN associates degree. And it's a few more classes at RIC to make it a Bach

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I would choose either URI or RIC. I graduated from RIC myself and I found it to be a really great program. Hospitals are really looking for the BSN grad. right now and it will make you more marketable. RIC has a better price tag but URI is a really great program too.

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If you get into URI, RIC, or CCRI go there, avoid NEIT at all costs! I go to NEIT and I am completely miserable, the school is a joke!