What have your co-workers done to make a shift go more smoothly?

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I know this thread is old, but I find it extremely interesting that almost all of the people complimenting their co-workers seem to be from night shift.... maybe I'm over-reaching??

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A unit secretary "hurdling over you" to answer the phone? Where do you work? lol.

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Sounds like my floor! We have an overzealous secretary who is quite possesive of her duties (and some of ours as well lol). I wouldn't put it past her to jump past me to answer the phone first, then hand it to me when it is the doctor I have been waiting for as if nothing were wrong.


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This thread makes me miss "the dream team" in the ICU, night shift there was a group of about 5 of us who found if we banded together for AM care, we would get done on time and save our backs. We invited anyone who wanted to join (son't worry, we weren't cliquey)

So, at about 3 am we would start banging them all out. depending who was on shift, about 4 of us to a patient. Yup, 4. W went to all our patients as a whole, and did our complete am care. Worked great. We even made it fun somehow.

Admissions would be one person doing the paperwork (usually the pregnant one, because there always was one) primary nurse getting report and 2 others settling the patient in and getting them hooked up. Also worked beautifully.

I miss it!

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[color=#333233]clerks are definitely a huge plus, but i will say some are better than others. i feel like with some i will have to watch my own monitors because if a patient goes brady or has a really high (or really low) bp, i ether won't get a call or get a "delayed" call. that is frustrating.


[color=#333233]* helping with my admission (getting my patient settled, hooking them up to the monitors)

* grabbing things for me if i am in an isolation room and i don't want to leave the patient (or more truthfully, take off all of that battle gear! :lol2:[color=#333233])

* offering to give meds for a patient that i can't get to right away

* having potlucks (and everyone bringing in homemade food)

* coworkers who actually ask me, "have you eaten yet? i never see you eat!" and then offer to take over for me while i get some food into my system

* helping out with things such as inserting foleys, ng's, iv's (i'm good at iv's but not great, i have reinforcements and they are always willing to help)

* responding to bed alarms asap even if it is not your patient

* answering your call lights if you are busy....

i could go on and on. oh, and i work night shift. everyone says we have amazing teamwork on my shift whereas the dayshifters say they hardly get help - not even from their cnas!

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The biggest factor is whether a coworker has an attitude that is leaned toward working as a team. Fortunately, most of the RNs on my unit are like this. Some aren't and I've run into a couple here or there that are absolutely useless.

It's usually little things that make a big difference. Like settling a new admit for another RN who is wrist deep in a bed change next door or handling a small item on a phone call.

With experience, you look out for these things and offer a headsup. It makes a huge difference in your shift.

The most useless tool on my unit is an experienced nurse who literally won't lift a finger for anyone else. I once had a hellish assignment with two confused patients - one who was combative and I was in the process of getting orders for restraints and wrestling with him in the room.

The other nurse in my area came into the room and said, "You know your new admit (a very heavy care patient) is here, don't you?" I stared hard at him and said, "Yeah. THANKS." He walked out. Didn't offer to help with the patient to do anything for the admit.

This useless jerk is also, ironically, a union representative. I think in his screwed up world, helping another RN who is in the weeds is encouraging management to staff inappropriately. I am very pro-union, but this individual nurse is a walking advertisement for those who hate them.

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