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Recently I worked as an Assistant Director of Nursing in a small nursing home. I got into it with the Administrator several times and she fired me. I have never been fired before!!! Now I hear through the grapevine that she is saying some really nasty things about me--I have always had a good reputation but am wondering how this will impact my future in nursing in this small community. I took a month off work to enjoy some time with my family--a much needed vacation after several years of high stress nursing--and recently began looking for a new job---this is when I learned about what she is saying about me. I am so upset and and even thinking of getting out of this line of work. Please help me. I began nursing with the ideals of helping people and can not believe the politics involved in this career field. I feel like there is no recourse--how do you stop somebody from saying untrue things about you. Of course, people who do not know me would not know what to believe and it is making job seeking difficult. I don't know where to turn so I'm asking for advise from others who may have gone through the same type of thing--I have always believed that your reputation out there is all you have and again I don't know where to turn.

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I am sure you tried just being quiet and that is NOT working, so... Time to speak with a Labor Attorney. YOU could contact the Labor Board and see what they have to say.

I hate to say, go after them, because I too an in a small community. I think if I tried that tactic here I would be less then able to recover; my power being so much less then those "in power". I am not trying to talk in riddles. It is difficult to overcome such bad words and it would be better if you could work it out without having to go to the trouble of getting the Labor Dept. involved.

Would it be possible to have a third party "mediate" the issue with the two of you or with those involved?

Please let us know how you are doing.

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i would recommend a nurse attorney who is proficient in labor law.

please feel free to pm me as i understand what you're going through.



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Were the things she has said on a personal or a professional level?

Do you have a friend or relative who is an attorney? You might want to have a 'cease and desist' letter sent to her. If she is slandering you, she needs to be put on notice that you are aware of it and will not tolerate it.

My personal philosophy is that a person's words say more about the speaker than about the person they are speaking of. Chances are anyone who knows this person will know her words reflect on her and not on you.


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I too would seek out an attorney. I doubt you would need a specialist, any attorney could right a letter for you. Surely there are other people you know who would be willing to write letters of reference for you. Good luck!

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