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What can my BA Sociology do?

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I have a BA in Sociology. I am interested in becoming a Nurse Educator or Administator. Is it necessary for me to obtain a BSN or will an ADN and my BA be sufficient?

I suppose there are always exceptions, but I have the understanding that you must have a degree (in nursing) higher than the degree program in which you teach. So to teach ADN students you would need BSN. Some private companies (hospitals, etc.) employ educators with ADN only degrees. It is hard to justify, though, without years of nursing experience. Have you called any facility for whom you would like to be employed to see what their requirements might be?

You can do a post-bac and get your BSN in a year. That would probably be your best option.

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I have a BA in Sociology. I am interested in becoming a Nurse Educator or Administator. Is it necessary for me to obtain a BSN or will an ADN and my BA be sufficient?

Nurse educator positions in a hospital typically require a BSN plus years of experience as a nurse. Education positions as in teaching in a nursing school require no less than a master's degree. It is possible to be a clinical instructor with a BSN, but you need several years of experience (how can you teach what you have not done?) As for administration, anything beyond charge nurse or assistant nurse manager (such as nurse manager, clinical director, nurse administrator, chief nursing officer, etc.) will require a master's degree almost anywhere you go. If you can get one of those positions with less education, they are probably desperate to get the position filled. If they are, you can bet there is a reason.

As mentioned above, you will need a few years of clinical experience as a nurse before you can be a nurse educator. What did you mean by nurse educator? I assumed you meant "in house" nurse educator at a hospital? But maybe you mean nursing school instructor. Either way you probably want the MSN.I'm not positive about the nurse administrator role, but I do know that those without clinical experience are sorely lacking about the nuts & bolts of nursing (you might be able to do that without clinical experience, but I'm not sure). Something that I don't think was mentioned is that you can get an MS in nursing with a BS in another field at some universities. I know of several schools that do bridge programs from BS degree (in whatever major) to MS here in California. The MS programs for non nurses do include clinical, and are very intense I hear.You might want to consider that option as well. Best of luck to you!

Get the BSN.

You could always get your masters degree in social work, complete you year of supervision, and be a LCSW. Then you could 1) be a counselor for behavioral health, 2) get training and do certified diabetic education, 3) go into behavioral health administration, etc.

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The best nurse educators and administrators are nurses in my opinion.

As an educator you need to know the scenerios surrounding what you are teaching.

All of the administrators and educators at the facility I work at are nurses with BSNs or MSNs.

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