What is the best online websites or apps to learn both Anatomy and Phsyiology?

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I am a first-year Health Science student from NYC, aspiring to become a travel nurse in the future. I will be taking Human A&P 1 and 2 and Elementary Chemistry during the Spring semester of 2021. I bought so many books on human A&P, but they all lack the physiology part. They have wonderful pictures but not enough information to help understand the human body functions. I have wanted to invest in a good book or online websites or apps to learn better Human A&P. One that is detailed in both Anatomy and physiology. 


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I usually go to Youtube and look for a good anatomy video , I've spent countless money on books and the only thing that TRULY helped me was purchasing an Atlas for the online class.. other than that the best youtubers for Anatomy and Physiology , from a nursing standpoint is:

WyzSci and Anatomy GMC , WyzSci literally helped me pass AP1 and AP2 with A's