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  1. Dear AllNurses members.

    Today I am going to share a very very disappointing and disgusting behavior that I took part in while doing online classes. I cheated on my prerequisites for Chem 1 class's exam 2 and got caught. I know I truly deserve to be caught and also punished as well. However, I was in such a desperate situation and couldn't fathom the idea of failing this class and falling behind life decisions even at the age of 25. You may be thinking that I cheated because I was lazy or uninterested in the materials. My cheating in that class no way reflect any of that behavior. I quit my job before the semester to give it all to this class, I even stopped meeting up with my friends, went to tutors every week for help, and watched hundreds of hours of Youtube lectures to educated but I just don't know why but I couldn't make the materials stick to my brain while rest of my classmates seems to understand it easily. So I resort to the Chegg website for help when Exam 2 came. Even though I cheated I did not share my answers with anyone at all even if they asked. It's been three days since the professor emailed the whole class about the cheating and I am scared to death about the consequences that I may have to suffer. I have been punishing myself and constantly questioning whether I am even a good person at all or mentally fit to continue through this path to become a nurse. I am truly ashamed of my behavior and regret it soo much. If only I could go back and change it, I would do anything. I am sharing this because I want you all still in school or thinking of going to Nursing school to not even think about cheating. It will do you never any good.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! 


  2. I am a first-year Health Science student from NYC, aspiring to become a travel nurse in the future. I will be taking Human A&P 1 and 2 and Elementary Chemistry during the Spring semester of 2021. I bought so many books on human A&P, but they ...