What is the very best NCLEX book to help with studying for exams & for boards???


I am a LPN student in my 2nd year of nursing school...plan on graduating this july. I am taking med-surg and clinicals this semester. I just bought a NCLEX-RN book...... it is "SAUNDERS comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN Examination Edition 4.

Does anyone have this book, and did it help?


Even if i'm a LPN student, could the RN neclex book still help me?


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Well, there are a HUGE number of NCLEX prep books on the market right now. Which is best? I'm not really sure that is an answerable question. Anyway, Saunders is commonly mentioned as a good book, but I have no personal experience with it. I used Prentice Hall Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN by Mary Ann Hogan (I also used their version for the NCLEX-RN when the time came). I chose this one b/c it had, I felt, the best content review AND a CD-ROM that allowed you to customize your study sessions when answering NCLEX style questions. What's more, Mrs. Hogan was apparently a test item writer for the NCSBN (the people that create the real NCLEX exam). Supposedly, all of the questions on the CD are at the "analysis and application" level of difficulty. Those are the questions at the passing level of difficulty on the real exam. Its available on amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com (the PN book is white and blue and the RN book is white and maroon).

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Most people are successfull using the Saunders Comprehensive Review. Suggest you go to one of the major bookstores and look through some of the many review books available in their nursing book section to find one that looks good to you.

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