What has the ANA done for you during Covid 19?

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Okay. I admit it. I have been in and out of the ANA during my years of working. I joined when I was a new nurse, failed to renew, renewed when I saw the certification program and got the certification, failed to renew because of the expense of re certifying, joined again when I wanted to actively participate in promoting the profession, had an association position (in my city group) and was appointed to serve on a couple of committees when INA wanted someone from their organization on a local board.

Okay, well I wanted to give back and wanted recognition for my specialization (some would say medical-surgical nursing is not a specialization). But I even paid to attend a state convention. After sitting in a conference room for over 15 minutes waiting to hear a speaker well past the start time and sought out conference management I was told "Oh I guess he didn't show up". Every thing was expensive and nothing seemed to be a great benefit (I called for the special "car insurance price benefit" and found out Geico wanted to charge me even more than I was currently paying.

Okay, rolling around to 2020 and Covid 19. What has the ANA and state organizations done to highlight the need for PPE and voice the danger all nurses are exposed to? Where are the commercials that other campaigns use (I may be wrong on commercials because I do not have cable anymore but do not see any mention of nursing's struggle on You Tube.)

Okay, I want to support my professional organization but I want it to deal with more than offering CEU courses (except for the Covid one) that still charge despite the dues you pay.

Please fill me in with what the ANA has done for you!

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July 22 Joint AHA/AMA/ANA Letter to Capitol Hill

July 22 Joint AHA/AMA/ANA Letter to Capitol Hill asking for $100 billion of direct funding for nurses, doctors, hospitals and the health care sector in the next COVID-19 relief package.




ANA wants to recognize the resilience, courage and perseverance of nurses on the frontlines of this global pandemic by showcasing your authentic stories. We encourage nurses to share stories about:

  • People you cared for, met, or who inspired you
  • Being away from home and family and/or quarantined
  • Innovative ways you and colleagues are working together and/or leading teams through this national health crisis
  • How you stay positive at work, with the team and with patients
  • How you and your team of nurses come together and support one another

Submit your story: https://anayearofthenurse.org/submit-your-story/

Circa 2007, RNs in AZ went to the Capitol to get Safe Staffing passed, like CA. State-based ANA chapter..... crickets. I never joined ANA; that group always seemed pro-corporate and less as a group that attended to the needs of the bedside RN. Except for intensive care safe staffing that was passed a few years earlier, because of tenacious RNs refusing to let the issue be forgotten, ICUs are "adequately" staffed, whatever that means today (July, 2020). All other areas are staffed on acuity, which ultimately never changed next shift's staffing.

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