What is the ambiguous term intrapsychic?

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Well, I've looked in every referrence that I own. I've surfed the net to no avail.

I'm trying to write a paper, and as usual, it would seem that the author has made up a word all for himself:devil:

The word is ..............intrapsychic. Someone please identify this term for me. If you have a referrence that you use for the ambiguos words often found in psychology texts and papers, please post it.:rolleyes:



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here is a link to a search which resulted in beaucoup sites..have not looked at them , but from the "blurbs", they sound like they may be of use:




Occurring inside the mind; taking place within the mind.



1. A shift from one form or state to another.

2. An unconscious defense mechanism by which the anxiety that stems from intrapsychic conflict is converted and expressed in a symbolic somatic manifestation.

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As usual, somthing simple is turned into a "linguistic lambada" by those psych majors:rolleyes:

So someone who has intrapsychic coping is simply "holding it all in" and it begins to show I guess.

Well, I couldn't have guessed it from reading this paper, thanks.

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Oh yea, side note.

It probably is "interpsychic". There are typos all over this paper from the Journal of Applied Gerontology..............How could this sloppy work be published in a peer reviewed journal?

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Thanks Sunnygirl,

I don't think I will even try to include ths in my paper. The rest of the research paper did not even explain that variable..............no wonder:rolleyes:

Why can't they write like people really talk?


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Which "people" are you referring to?

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I guess anyone not trying to impress someone with volcabulary, but rather using it to actualy communicate thier meaning more clearly.

I guess since there were more typographical errors than there were clues as to what they were getting at, I can just figure that the author didn't pay attention to making a point either.

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I thought neologisms were a sign of deep pathology....

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Isn't a "neologism" a type of colorectal cancer?:chuckle


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Actually, intrapsychic seems the right spelling to me - intra is the prefix that means something like "within", as opposed to inter which means sort of "between". Hence, if you were talking about, say, nursing and relationships, you'd say intraprofessional relationships if you meant relationships within the nursing profession and interprofessional relationships if you meant relationships between nursing and other professionals.

Sorry, I just realised how long I went on about that. It's the teacher in me!


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Ability to know from within. (usually pertaining to self)

But this reply is a "Louieism."

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