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I just submitted my application for the August cohort. I will be coming from San Diego, so will do my clinicals in Orange County. If you're applying for August in So Cal, feel free to pop in and... Read More

  1. by   JD2RN
    Quote from hopefulkim99
    Anyone recently apply to WGU?
    In So Cal, there are no other cohorts planned until May 2019. The last cohort, in October 2018, was filled exclusively with Cedars Sinai employees. The April 2018 cohort was cancelled, so the August 2018 cohort was filled with mostly previously admitted applicants from the cancelled April cohort.

    In sum, you have a better chance of getting into Harvard Medical School than you do WGU in So Cal. I wish I was kidding.
  2. by   hopefulkim99
    BUMMER! I really wanted to go there, I liked the "convenience " of the program. I hope they open up more cohorts, May is too far away. I read the previous post, that's unfortunate for EVERYONE else that Cedars gets their own cohort. Will they have other 2019 cohorts? I guess it doesn't matter, it's too competitive
  3. by   NursingHopeful95
    Seriously it sucks.
    I was really hoping & praying to get into WGU. It was Perfect for me as a mom who has her own small business. Does anyone know if they will continue to give open spots to Cedars employees?