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  1. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College Spring 2020

    San Antonio in Upland, Kaiser Fontana, Arrowhead regional, & Pomona Valley.
  2. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Yes you must be completely done with all your paperwork, vaccines, etc.
  3. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Absolutely. Just PM’d you :)
  4. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    I just know that it does vary each semester. This semester one of my classmates I wanna say was ranked number 9 or 10 on the alternate list (after taking Teas) she got in and they ended up going even further down the list. Other semesters I know it’s been more competitive. It really just depends. Those of you who got alternate letters just study hard for the Teas!
  5. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    My friend received an email from the program today and text me about it. I have No idea. Last semester we were mailed acceptance letters and I do know that not every acceptance letter was mailed the same day. However I’m not sure how it will work this term. Good luck everyone!
  6. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Did you guys check your emails?
  7. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Absolutely! I’m really liking my time in the program but I won’t lie, it’s hard. Chaffey does have a tough curriculum and higher standards but I feel like they offer a great education. In first semester there’s a 5 week course called Nursing 6 where you’ll learn all basic CNA skills. You Must pass Nursing 6 to move on to the next course Nursing 14. In 14’s you start clinical and start passing medications, administering injections, placing NG tubes and learning to thoroughly assess patients. In lecture you learn about the nursing process and basic pathophysiology as well as pharmacology. Exams are every 2 weeks, clinical is once a week, & care plans are due each week. It’s just a culture shock lol there’s So much to do and so little time. It’s definitely an adjustment. For lecture you must read ahead and be studying every day as well as meeting and mastering the objectives for the different topics/chapters, for clinical it’s all about practicing the skills and having good communication with your instructor and patients. Granted, I’m still in the middle of the semester but that’s whats worked for me this far :)
  8. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    To my knowledge, due to the amount of students our clinical locations accept is that’s it’s always been Just 40 students. The amount that they accept though all depends on the number of veterans and repeats. So for example I just started in January and we have 5 veterans and 7 repeats in our cohort so there was technically only 28 spots left for those of us who weren’t veterans or repeats. Other semesters there can be almost all 40 spots open. It really just depends.
  9. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN Fall 2019

    Hi Everyone! I’m a current first semester student at Chaffey and I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK! I was in your shoes a few months ago so keep pressing on. It Is worth it. Apply to as many schools as you can and whatever happens Don’t give up. If some of you don’t make it in due to the lottery take Pharmacology and Pathophysiology for extra points for the next term!
  10. NursingHopeful95

    How much did you/would you pay for BSN?

    I'll update since there are recent comments on this post. I ended up getting into my local community college's ADN program that costs 5k. I've also emailed a few Cal state universities who offer jump start programs over the summer to get my BSN. So my plan is to do that, I will get to complete 10 of the 26 units required to get a BSN after hopefully obtaining my RN license. They also give priority into the RN-BSN program to students who did the jump start classes. It just makes more sense for me to do this rather than going to an overpriced school. Luckily the community and county hospitals in my area Do still hire ADN's as of now & hopefully they still will within 2 years.
  11. NursingHopeful95

    Chaffey College ADN program in Spring 2019

    Has anyone gotten their add codes/ information on clinical group yet? Also is anyone going to take that optional 550 course? Since you can only take it once I'm not sure if taking it 1st semester is ideal.
  12. NursingHopeful95

    My chances of getting into a nursing program in California?

    I think it really just depends where in California you are. I've heard that it's pretty competitive in Northern California and of course in LA. I'm about an hour away from LA and live in the valley. I was extremely lucky to get into a CC program here with a 3.2 cumulative & a 3.9 science gpa. I have friends who have gotten into programs here with one or two B's in their core science classes. However California is a competitive state point blank. My best advice to you is get the A in everything else that you can and do what you can to make yourself a competitive applicant it's good that you'll be getting your Cna, I know some schools give extra points for having it. Also have a backup plan ready before you apply (retake the B, etc). Good luck!
  13. NursingHopeful95

    Dosage Calc Help

    Thank you so much! I figured it out. I've never worked with grains before so this is so new to me.
  14. NursingHopeful95

    What was your GPA, when you got accepted into nursing school?

    Joining in because I just got accepted. I honestly didn't think I would get in with my Gpa but I'm thankful that I did & hoping to get through everything that's to come in nursing school. So for anyone reading this who might have a lower gpa don't give up! This is for an Adn program in Southern California. Cumulative Gpa-3.1 Science Gpa-3.9
  15. NursingHopeful95

    Dosage Calc Help

    Hello everyone! I was recently accepted into my schools nursing program & at our orientation we were given a practice dosage calculation quiz. We must pass our test with 100% each semester (no pressure right?) so I'm trying to get comfortable and master it before I even start however there's 1 problem I just can't figure out. I went to the math success center at my school and they weren't familiar with Nursing abbreviations or dimensional analysis. Help please! Order- Asprin 600mg On hand- Asprin gr 5 tablets How many tablets do you give? TIA! Also any tips and advice for dosage calc is Greatly appreciated.
  16. NursingHopeful95

    San Bernardino Valley College Spring 2019

    Awesome! I have an A.A as well & my counselor told me that they like when an applicant has a degree. There's an information meeting tomorrow at 9am for Chaffey's program. You should check it out & ask them any questions you may have.