Pre-Licensure BSN

  1. So I am in the process of applying for the program but I have some questions for those who have already had this experience:

    1) Has anyone experienced a pregnancy during the program?-If so, how did the school/clinical work with you?
    2.)How long after your file was submitted,did it take for you to be accepted?
    3)How many times did you apply before acceptance?
    4.) I understand labs are monthly and clinical is every 2-3months-did they provide you with exact days for clinical/lab months in advance?
    5.) What are YOUR personal tips for success?

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  3. by   Elleveein
    There's a clinical schedule on their website. I'm still doing pre reqs but I spoke to a counselor. She said they take 12 students 5 times per year, they get 150 applicants every time, CA is very competitive. She said you need to ace the science pre reqs and more importantly the TEAS test! They are currently accepting 89% on the TEAS. Good luck.
  4. by   WonderousIvy
    Thanks! What state are you applying in? I'm in California right now but moving to Texas soon. I've sent in my file for the January 1st start date. They say I should hear something back by the end of the month Pray for me!!!
  5. by   Jaide06
    To answer your question about pregnancy in the program. After the 1st semester, they do allow you to take a leave of absence if necessary and they try to place you with another cohort the catch is, where ever you stop, you have to wait until the cohort catches up to you can you join them and pick up where you left off. You have to complete the 1st semester or you become ineligible to reapply ( they may make special exceptions for medical reasons like pregnancy)

    Here in Texas, I got in on my first try. After my completed file was submitted it took about 1 month for me to get my acceptance.
    They have only provided exact dates for the 1st 2 lab weekends so far and I'm 1 month in.
  6. by   WonderousIvy
    Thanks so much for answering. I saw your input in another WGU post and I was kind of hoping that you would respond to my LOL. So I'm applying for the January 1 start date in Houston where are you in Texas? I hope that I get on the first try but we will see. What was your GPA&TEAS? Any prior healthcare experience? My husband will be in Korea and I will have our now six month old so..I hope it's doable and I don't get super stressed.
    I spoke to the school and they told me the exact same thing about taking LOA. How are the classes so far?
  7. by   Elleveein
    If you're going to TX you should be able to get in no problem. I'm in California.
  8. by   WonderousIvy
    I hear that a lot,I wonder why?..
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    Quote from WonderousIvy
    I hear that a lot,I wonder why?..
    Because there is a huge growth initiative in TX as Calis BON makes growth there much more difficult that TX does.
  10. by   Jaide06
    I'm in Houston. My gpa was 3.6 and my Teas score was 74%. Currently a Medical assistant so 9 yrs of healthcare experience. Having a small child is doable but will be challenging as they require a lot of attention
    Wgu is still growing the program here in Texas and it relatively small and a little new so the competition is not that bad because a lot of people don't know about it. That's why it would be easier to get into here
  11. by   WonderousIvy
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Because there is a huge growth initiative in TX as Calis BON makes growth there much more difficult that TX does.
    Very true...I went to school in sac for LVN and I paid more for that then WGUs entire program I'm so happy we're moving out of state! I'm assuming you got yours BSN through WGU?
  12. by   WonderousIvy
    Oh okay my gpa and teas are similar to yours&give got nursing experience so we will see...How many times do you meet for lab within the first 6months?
  13. by   Jaide06
    We meet for lab 3 times.. sat-sun and then the following sat
  14. by   WonderousIvy
    You meet for those labs during the pre licensure portion? Or during the clinical portion?
    I'm wondering because If I get in,I'll complete the first 2-4months in California before I move to Texas. I was under the assumption that it was all online...until like the last month of prelicensure when you have to do the skills assessment
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