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You meet for those labs during the pre licensure portion? Or during the clinical portion?

I'm wondering because If I get in,I'll complete the first 2-4months in California before I move to Texas. I was under the assumption that it was all online...until like the last month of prelicensure when you have to do the skills assessment

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Very true...I went to school in sac for LVN and I paid more for that then WGUs entire program������ I'm so happy we're moving out of state! I'm assuming you got yours BSN through WGU?

Actually, I did get my RN-to-BSN and MSN through WGU and I currently work for them in the PL program.

And to your other question, when you get admitted- you'll get a lab and clinical calendar for the entire 2 1/2 year program.

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You meet for those labs ( 2 weekends: sat, sun, sat) during the pre- licensure portion of the program ( 1st 6 months). However you also have labs during the clinical portion. Your admissions counselor may have email you a copy of the sample calendar, if not here is the link. The dates may change but the format is the same for instance, labs begin in month 4 and it's 2 weekends. That is the same for everyone...My start date was October and my labs date is in Jan. it is my understanding that all the labs happen on weekends

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Ok you scared me lol I thought you meant one lab every weekend during prelicensure! The sample schedule fits my schedule perfectly! I'll definitely email you as I'm applying to the Houston cohort so I can def use some tips!

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Let's clear something up. The entire program is 'pre-licensure' because you're not yet a nurse.

That first term is 'pre-clinical' because you haven't been in the hospital clinical setting yet. So as not to confuse future readers of this thread.


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I can answer the pregnancy one! Because I'm now pregnant and will be withdrawing, just finishing up my first term at the end of December. I was told that with how our cohorts in the Dallas area are spaced that I could take 5 months off to join the next cohort, which would put me at starting three weeks before my due date, and I'll need at least 8 weeks to recover from my second c-section, or withdraw and reapply. It really depends on your health during the pregnancy, and if you start a term and are not able to attend clinical then you will fail that term, and you can ask your mentor about the specifics regarding that... they're available on the student pages but maybe not when you're applying. Anyway, they will work with the typical student on every other program but the PL progam with their many clinical requirements is one that is a bit more difficult if you become pregnant and are due around clinical dates/times.

So for anyone who becomes pregnant during the PL program, please let your student mentor know so they can help you determine what to do! You know your health history and can talk with your OB to discuss attending clinicals at 7, 8, 9 months pregnant, and if you or your OB don't think it will be feasible please let them know early on so you don't run into any adverse consequences of not being able to finish out a term due to not doing clinicals.

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Thanks for your post! So if I'm understanding correctly,you're about 4months pregnant now and need to take time off and then if you were to stay enrolled you'd jump back in with a different cohort when you're 3wks away from your due date??

I asked my enrollment counselor and he said they allow one term leave of absence,then you're able to catch up with the next cohort (3-5 month wait).

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I got in!:) Jan 1st Houston Cohort❤️


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Hi there! I'm also in California and have been accepted into the Decatur/ft.worth cohort starting December 1. We plan on moving in April next year right before the completion of my first term. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one moving!!