My WGU update

  1. What a journey I have been on. Ups and downs... and mood swings too! The good news I only have one course left. My practicum has to have 90 hours involved and I am trying to figure out how to come up with all that time.
    So exciting to be almost done. It can be done. WGU has been great and I have a fabulous mentor. Started the program May 1, 2011.... oh yeah four months in and I anticipate to be done within the next two weeks.

    Good luck to all my fellow WGU family!!!

    Givin' myself a cheer.......
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  3. by   brenan
    Congrats!! Thats awesome!
  4. by   tg1958
    That is sooo awesome.Proud for you.
  5. by   klone
    Dayum. You are one motivated scholar! I'm a month in and just finishing my first course. I have 11 courses to take, and am allowing myself 2 semesters to do it (one class a month).

    Congratulations! What all is involved with the 90-hour practicum?
  6. by   BetterMeRN
    Congrats, Oh my that fast. How many total courses did you have to take? I start in September, can I call on you if I need any help along the way?
  7. by   BetterMeRN
    I got my answer..... eight classes. I want to do it in the same amount of time. I responded to one of your other post, the one regarding how a nurse can help in the implementation of a new electronic health record. If you still need the info let me know.
  8. by   MsPC
    Wow, that's amazing. Congrats for all your hard work so far and keep it going.
  9. by   Lisa1980
    To my dear stalkers, lol!!

    Exactly 4 months into the program and today I just submitted my last paper for my BSN. I could use some fingers and toes crossed and a swift return of my grade. Hoping for no revisions! So exicted yet more nervous!!
  10. by   klone
    Can you please give us more details about the practicum?
  11. by   Lisa1980
    For the practicum you come up with a topic from your community diagnosis from HAT task 1. Mine was Access to Health Care services for the Elderly in Broward County.
    You discuss with the course mentor possible topics and then she will have you email her some interview questions. You interview people such as MD, social workers nurses etc. You will reasearch your community further and then you just write what they ask according to the rubric. Time Log was actually the most difficult; you can document your phone calls, emails, phone interview, face to face interview times. there's also "winshield activity" which is you getting in your car and assessing the particular area such as neighborhoods. 10 of the hours comes from HAT course and you have to have a total of 90 hours. You also have to do a genogram just like you did in HAT but will be slightly different.

    Hope this helps!!
  12. by   metroishka
    Thanks for the update Lisa! You are amazing- I am so impressed with your progress! I am planning on starting September 1 if all goes as planned. I can read, write and do 'rithmetic, but am anxious about coming up with topics for papers and such. Just hoping it all comes together and makes sense when the time comes.

    Again, congratulations! And know that you have been quite the inspiration to this stalker...LOL
  13. by   Lisa1980
    @metro, the good news is you only have to come up with one topic and that's for the practicum.

    Also, advise I can give you if you want to start with the easier stuff first do the order they suggest. However you can have some variation.

    If I knew what I knew now I would of started with EBT, then HAT, the HGT (practicum) then KROT. These are the harder courses; well KROT is not hard but you have to register with and do modules; and have to complete tests at the end. It's very time consuming. Then part of the paper is a reflection from what you learned (but only on a specific area)

    Good Luck! PM me anytime!

    I'm jumping into the MSN so I'll still be around!
  14. by   metroishka
    I usually like to get the hard work out of the way first, so I appreciate that insight. Big question- did you enroll in the RN-MSN program at the beginning, or did you do RN-BSN and now enrolling in the MSN track? I want to do the MSN route, so am planning to just start out RN-MSN. Glad you are going to be around- keep us posted!