Any WV Nurses That Use This Site?

  1. I was wondering if there were many WV nurses that come to this site. I start school in August at Marshall University. Going for my BSN degree.
    I am excited about it! :spin:
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  3. by   Blupaisley
    Sadly, there aren't many of us on this site. A handful of nurses and a few students. I start WVU Tech's program next fall, Marshall was my first choice, but they changed the transferable courses and I would have had to repeat a whole semester, or in nursing school, a whole year for the next fall semester. Sucked, I'm from Huntington, all my fam is there. But you do what you gotta' do I guess. It'll be a lonely trip to Mongomery next year. bluh
  4. by   blynn9173
    I am glad to hear there are other WV nurses using this site. Good luck with your Nursing Career!:spin:
  5. by   angel75
    I am originally from Parkersburg, WV. Hopefully someday I will end up back there! I just finished up my 3rd semester of nursing last week and I will be graduating Dec 07. Take care and it was great to see a WV post!
  6. by   dcnballmom
    i am from WV too - good luck to you all
  7. by   inodou
    I just graduated from Southern's (SWVCTC) nursing program. I am on here every once in a while but not a lot.
  8. by   twinmommy+2
    Hi there, I'm in the panhandle. It is nice to see other people from here using the site.
  9. by   Redneckmedic63
    Huntington here!
  10. by   gitterbug
    Exactly between Beckley and Charleston. Near the Gorge. Not too busy here.
  11. by   Noryn
    Teays Valley here although I used to live in Beckley.
  12. by   sconoli
    I'm from the clarksburg area, I'm an LPN student, graduating in December. Not too many WV people here, but occasionally some posts. Maybe that will change.
  13. by   obrnteacher
    i'm from parkersburg area. i tell my nursing students about this site. I'm on here sporadically because of school schedule. should be on here more since we're out for summer.
  14. by   edchunt
    I use this site to look around and post a little. I'm from Clarksburg also.